Thursday, January 28, 2016

Owensboro KY~Beyond Desperate~Still no help for Angel~1 yr old DOOMED PUPPY so PRETTY~ $405spnsr

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Date: Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 11:09 AM
Subject: Owensboro KY~Beyond Desperate~Still no help for Angel~1 yr old DOOMED PUPPY so PRETTY~ $405spnsr
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Please crosspost~please forward~please network and share urgently and far and wide on behalf of beautiful one year oldAngel who WILL BE PUT TO SLEEP VERY, VERY SOON at Daviess County Animal Control in Owensboro, KY.  Angel was utterly terrified when she first came into the shelter but this one year old puppy has since settled in and her sweet personality is unfolding.  But Angel seems to be doomed to die just the same!  
Angel has been shared over and over on facebook and crossposted again and again without finding the help she so desperately needs!  She is only alive because other dogs have found rescue and that has bought her more time!  But that time is running out VERY VERY QUICKLY and could end forever as soon as tomorrow! Her life depends on space!!!When space runs out, this baby WILL DIE!

Angel doesn't understand what happened to her!  She loved her family  and was heartbroken and terrified when they left her at the shelter.  She was surrendered due to her owners' inability to manage her prey drive--she is housebroken,spayed, beautiful and loving--good with kids--walks well on a leash and is good with bigger dogs! She needs help immediately! Surely someone is out there with a loving heart who knows how to keep Angel safe from harming small animals! Angel has $405.00 in sponsorship pledges!!

ANGEL is a beautiful girl that was surrendered to the shelter over a month ago for not doing well with small animals. 
She was very scared and frightened when she first arrived at the shelter, but has since settled in and is getting much more comfortable with shelter life. Instead of cowering in the back corner and shaking, she now comes to the front to greet you with a wagging tail. She is really starting to open up and let her true personality shine through! Angel is very sweet, absolutely loves being out by your side, and does the cutest little tail bounce to show her appreciation. She is also quite the leaner and likes to kick one of her legs out to get an extra good lean. It is hard to describe, but adorable to see! Her previous owner said she walks well on the leash, loves car rides, and is already housebroken. They also said she does well with kids and bigger dogs, but absolutely should NOT be around small animals because of her high prey drive. She has harmed small animals (dogs and cats) in the past and MUST have a very responsible owner so that no other animals are harmed in the future.  High prey drive dogs can live long, happy lives, but it takes a very special commitment from the owner to make things work  Angel weighs about 55 pounds, is only around a year old, and is already spayed.

If you think you might be able to save Angel's life, PLEASE HURRY!!
Call 270-685-8275 and e-mail (at  yahoo.  com)
If you call and do not reach anyone on staff, please DO LEAVE A VOICE MAIL saying that you are calling about Angel.  If you email, please include the words "Rescue offer for Angel" in your subject line so that your life-saving offer is not missed.  Please do not wait!!!  This puppy is in critical danger!!