Monday, February 15, 2016

Babylon, Long Island NY: Urgent. HEATED SPACE Needed for 2 weeks to Recover 50 Cats!

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Date: Feb 14, 2016 2:26 PM
Subject: Babylon, Long Island HEATED SPACE Needed for 2 weeks to Recover 50 Cats!
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HEATED SPACE Needed for 2 weeks to Recover 50 Cats!
Feb 14 ***TOWN of Babylon*** Space Needed to Recover Cats***
An Urgent and Very Special Request from some of THE VERY BEST RESCUE Organizations on Long Island!!!
Linda Stuurman Jenny Luca Joanne Carlough Monez Heading the Project...OPEN to Suggestions as Well!...
They are embarking on a HUGE TNR Project ( Trapping, Neutering and Release) To the tune of 50+ Cats...This is an essential component of RESCUE WORK and Population Control...ESSENTIAL!
What is NEEDED is a space that they can use to RECOVER the cats for a period of TWO WEEKS from Feb 26-March 11THEY will bring in tables and put some on top of the tables. THEY will Tarp the whole room and definitely have enough cardboard to put on top of the tarps. Their biggest need is a heat or a space that we can use space heaters. Also access to that space for a little less than two weeks.
The holding area should be in town of Babylon area.. 30 or so will be recovered at AASN.. And we need a good spot for the other 50. We would need the space probably from February 26-March 11. Maybe be done sooner. The cats get fixed on the 5th and 6th. We are trapping a week ahead of time..
Please contact Jenny Luca Linda Stuurman or Me if YOU can provide this much needed SPACE for 2 weeks!
All About Spay and Neuter and Last Hope will be leading this project...PLEASE HELP make this happen by reaching out to friends and family and contacts who might be able to HELP!!!
Thank You in Advance...
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