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Spring/Conroe TX area: 4/8 update re: Sweets the Red Nosed Pit mix

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 5:17 PM, Sharon Epstein <> wrote:

Its been about a month since I posted on Sweets - she had to take some time to heal her leg that had a piece of fractured bone.  But she did not need surgery!  Four weeks of antibiotics and rest allowed the infection to subside and the swelling to go down.  She was taken to an ortho surgeon last week and he did new x-rays and said the leg is healing up well on its own and better to leave it alone right now.  

Because her leg was swollen and somewhat painful, she missed the big two-day adoption venue in Spring a few weeks ago.  Now that she is all better, I am looking for more adoption venues in the Spring / Conroe area to take her to.  She also is posted on-line on several rescue adoption sites, thanks to Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward. 

Sweets continues to play well with the other dogs at K&M Canines and is back to enjoying running and playing fetch. 

Thank you all.  Hopefully my next update will be about a home visit or adoption :)  Its been a long road for Sweets, going on almost a year since she was found.

3/6 POST 
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Vetting update

There was a little fiasco at the vet when I brought Sweets in for her dental surgery - that vet wasn’t equipped for the extractions Sweets needed.   But fortunately, they were able to refer me to Fairbanks Animal Clinic and Fairbanks had received a dental cancellation for the next day.   And Sweets leg had swollen up and looked infected, so she needed to have this looked at too. 
Sweets had 2 dental extractions done – the vet said they were infected and embedded and very good they came out.  This cost about $250 vs the original $150 estimate from the original vet – but the pricing (when broken down into all its components) I feel was very fair priced for the invasive work done. 
Sweets had her legged x-rayed – evidently she had some type of trauma to it 2 -3 weeks ago (so either at Dogfather or K&M).  Could have been her running into something, a dog grabbing her on the leg, no telling – and no blame, think something that just happened.  The trauma caused a piece of bone to fracture off, which caused irritation and infection.  A pic of the leg and x-rays are attached (the red sore is from her biting at the irritation /  I circled the fractured bone piece in yellow on the x-rays).  Sweets has started a course of strong antibiotics and the hope is that this will resolve it.  If not, she may have to have surgery to have the piece removed. 
The complete vet bill for the dental and leg totaled $475 (they charged for the extractions and the leg xrays and misc related to it but did her dental cleaning for free, saving $60).  Her youcaring fundraiser has been slightly increased to include this unexpected expense.   I am not asking this group, who has already so generously given, for more money though!   If she needs surgery, I will circulate her fundraiser plea out to others.  
I did not know about Fairbanks Animal Clinic previous to this but they were great welcoming me in at 6:45pm when they were closing at 7pm and stayed late to get Sweets settled.  Their pricing was very fair, the vet took all the time I needed in speaking with me and all the staff were friendly and professional.  I later heard rave comments from other rescue people about the care their rescues had received there. 

Adoption update
Sweets went to her first adoption venue at Petco Copperfield yesterday since completing her training at the Dogfather last month.  She only stayed a short time because she was not feeling well (had just gotten out of the vet).  She will be going to a big 2 day event in Old Town Spring next weekend.  This is a huge event for many animal rescue groups and pet related groups and will draw a huge crowd - not the standard small venue -  Texas Paw:   I am so excited about being able to bring Sweets there!
Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward invited me to the event above, as a courtesy participant under them.  Forgotten Dogs also posted Sweets online locally for me.  The posts are great.    And I am so thankful to Heidi from the group responding to me and offering their help!
The morning after Forgotten Dogs posted her, I did get an inquiry from a woman – I left her a message but have not heard back from her yet.
Adorable Mutts Rescue and Greg C have Sweets posted up North, too. 
I did email about 12 groups for help with local adoptions closer to Conroe or Spring (thank you all for the suggestions) – however, only 2 returned contact.  Forgotten Dogs and another group (but that group is in Humble and too far).   Forgotten Dogs usually has their events closer in town in Houston, so I am still looking for venues more North
Sweets is doing well at K&M Canines.  She made friends with a German Shepherd named Oscar and continues to get monitored and evaluated on her social progress with the other dogs.  
THANK YOU all!!!
Sharon E
2/23 POST

Please click to see Sweets' printable flyer

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Matt said Sweets was one of the best dogs he has worked with - very responsive to training and great outcome.  His full evaluation is attached.  Matt actually now is recommending that Sweets be placed in a home with another dog.  I was also speaking to the trainers at K&M about this and they agreed that when a dog is reactive (not aggressive like I initially thought she was), a dog does better in a home with another dog they can play with and stay social with - so they get their energy out and are less protective of their space. 

Sweets is ready to be adopted!  I will finish up her adoption flyer and share soon.  She will be posted online at various places.  I am still trying to link to a group up closer to Conroe (or Spring or Tomball) that might let me come to their adoption events with her.  K&M will hopefully have some events soon - but only about every other month.  They will also post her on their website after the 2 week evaluation time. 

From Dogfather, I transported Sweets to K&M in Conroe for continued socialization and training while being boarded.  I stayed there about an hour and half, speaking with the two trainers, who are also the owners.  I think Sweets transition from Dogfather to K&M will go smoothly - they both seem to hold the same values and techniques.  And both are very willing to talk to each other about Sweets. 

Sweets will settle in for the first two weeks and go through their evaluation there.  They will share updates, pics and videos.  I will visit her in a couple of weeks, too.  Sweets  seemed at ease in their environment and comfortable with Cassandra and Allison.    They let me leave her with plenty of treats and toys of her own, too.  She was already enjoying playing with Allison and her squeaker ball.

THANK YOU for making this happen.

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