Saturday, February 6, 2016

Houston TX or ANYWHERE in U. S. or Canada - Nice boy OSCAR the Dog is looking for his forever home!

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Date: Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 10:23 AM
Subject: Houston, TX or ANYWHERE in U. S. or Canada - Nice boy, OSCAR, is looking for his forever home!

Hi, my name is Oscar.  You know that's the name of the highest award that movie stars win.  Well, you'd be a winner, too, if you adopt me and you'd have an Oscar, too! 

I am a happy boy.  Those funny-looking 2-legged creatures say that I am a Yellow Lab/Chocolate Lab maybe Boxer mix!  I think they are called humans.  Do you know any?  The vet says that I am 1.5 years old.  I've had all of my shots and am up-to-date and I've been neutered!  YIKES!

If you like Labs, you'll really like me.  I love to run and play.  I can run very fast!  It's my favorite thing to do!  I love all dogs, big or small.  I am kind of a goof ball sometimes as Labs are.  So sometimes, I don't realize where I'm putting my big ol- paws.  I don't want to step on a little dog…..but I DO like them a lot!  If you are active, I'm your guy!  We could go on walks, runs, hikes, swimming, playing fetch in the back yard or just spend time chillin'.

Know what else I like?  I like to ride in the car.  I jump right in.  If you like kisses while you're driving, I can lean over the front seat and give you lots of kisses!  If that is distracting, I'll just go sit and look out the window.  I can see the world from the backseat of your car – Uh – make that "our" car.  OK?

Don't you want me to go live with you?  Why wait!  I'm ready, willing and able to start my new life in a loving home.  You love on me.  I'll love on you.  What a deal, huh?  So, what do ya say?

For adoption information on me, email