Monday, February 8, 2016

Houston TX: SOS! Westbury Sq. Cat Colony of 17 at DEMOLITION SITE

There is a Facebook page where people are collecting photos and stories of Westbury Square. People there don't mention cats, but the photos give you an idea of how doomed the cats are :-(
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From: "Gail C
Date: Feb 7, 2016 8:55 PM
Subject: please read: Westbury Square cat colony

Subject: Westbury Square cat colony
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2016
Hello ladies,

If you're not familiar with Westbury Square, it is a long since abandoned group of buildings that used to be retail in the 70's.  The owner is one by one demolishing the buildings; only one is left.  A caretaker lives in the building and there is a cat colony of 17 living right outside the building which he feeds.

A few months ago, I helped him TNR what was then, the last 6 of 16 that hadn't been done.  Since then a resident in the building (a couple other people live there besides the caretaker) tossed hers outside because "it scratched her" so that one probably isn't fixed.

Today I heard that the last building will be torn down in 30 days.  Of course, there is nowhere for the cats to go.  Westbury Square is located on a very busy street with a Home Depot on one side.  It's a very run down place but the cats have had a place to be, have been fed, and have been able to shelter under the building in bad weather.

The cats are typical of what I've seen in colonies….various stages in terms of fearfulness and shyness, some more than others.  I'm not sure that any would be considered "adoptable" by rescue groups as they are shy.  However, I didn't have to trap any of them; the caretaker was able to pick them up and put them in the traps….but they know him.

I know this is happening everywhere and there's no real help anywhere.  I guess I just had to write this e-mail in case there are any experienced cat people out there willing to take on even one or two.  If someone would be willing to come take a look at them, I would arrange it with the caretaker and meet them there.

Please, if you would, forward this to any cat people.

Thank you so much,