Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Houston TX: Urgent. 2-2 BARC Medical/Behavioral Alerts DOGs and CATs

Friendly, lactating Chocolab A1375117 is available for
 early medical release as she has injuries and needs x-rays

Update: A new CAT alert and a slew of new DOG alerts have been added so we are up to 29 new DOG alerts so far today, and more are coming in. Please note each alert may be clicked to share by email or social media to interested parties; icons are at the bottom of each alert.
Update: A stray Boxer and two young stray Dachshund mixes (possibly mom and daughter) have now been added.
Update: Two little white dogs and another youngish female Choco Lab mix have been added to the DOG blog. Probably more pets will be added.

Today 2-2 so far there are five new DOG alerts and one new CAT alert.  Lab A1375117 pictured above is highly urgent, but basically everybody at BARC is very urgent. The pets on the following blogs are medical/behavioral impounds who are available for FOSTER or RESCUE. Please also consider previous days' pet alerts. Adoptable pets may always be viewed on Petharbor.

DOG alerts are at:

CAT alerts may be seen at:

The shelter is the contact for FOSTER, RESCUE, or ADOPTIONS. They are very busy but rescue-friendly. Please contact them at BARC.Aid@houstontx.gov with any questions. There is a box at top left of each blog to search by ID number, breed, or other key word. Each alert has instructions for placing a hold, and may be shared individually by email or social media. Please share quickly and widely for the pets if you can.