Monday, February 1, 2016

Houston TX: URGENT. Feb 1, 2016 BARC alerts DOGs and CATs medical/behavioral needing FOSTER or RESCUE

Today Feb. 1, 2016 there are five new urgent DOG alerts and six new CAT alerts. These pets are medical/behavioral impounds who are available for FOSTER or RESCUE. Please also consider previous days' pet alerts. Adoptable pets may always be viewed on Petharbor. 

DOG alerts are at:

The shelter is the contact for FOSTER, RESCUE, or ADOPTIONS. They are very busy but rescue-friendly. Please contact them at with any questions. There is a box at top left of each blog to search by ID number, breed, or other key word. Each alert has instructions for placing a hold and may be shared individually by email or social media.  Please share quickly and widely for the pets if you can.