Friday, February 12, 2016

Houston TX: Very Urgent. 2-12 alerts. BARC. Length of Stay DOGs and Medical/Behavioral Alerts DOGs and CATs

A puzzling glitch today is that the posts for Chico
 and the Lab/Dalmation don't seem to appear in scrolling
 thru the DOG blog, but they do appear if
 searching the blog or Google by their ID numbers. 

Update: Now there are 17 DOG alerts for today (including the 26 Length-of-Stay ADOPTABLES), and one new CAT alert - poor orange and white Tabby A1378763 suffered multiple dog bites and is very urgent. Please consider the previous days' alerts too.

Update: There are now 12 posts on the DOG blog for today. Probably more will be added, and maybe CATs too.

Today 2-12 I am posting the Length-of-Stay list for DOGs that BARC emailed yesterday. Chico and the Lab/Dalmation pictured above have alerts I should have posted Wednesday; they appeared as drafts today so I published them and now they are elusive.  I cannot explain this but please click on the highlighted words above, or of course ask BARC, if you are interested in Chico or the Lab/Dalmation.

These blogs are for URGENT medical/behavioral impounds who are available for FOSTER or RESCUE, and Length-of-Stay ADOPTABLE DOGs and CATs who have been impounded the longest. Please notify BARC by 9AM on Monday 2-15-2016 if you are interested in any of the 26 Length-of-Stay DOGs in the alert. They are also available to FOSTER and RESCUE groups. Adoptable pets are always viewable on

DOG alerts are at:

CAT alerts are at:

The shelter is the contact for FOSTER, RESCUE, or ADOPTIONS. They are very busy but rescue-friendly. Please contact them at with any questions. There is a box at top left of each blog to search by ID number, breed, or other key word. Each alert has instructions for placing a hold, and there are icons at the bottom of each to click for sharing by email or social media. Please share quickly and widely for the pets if you can.