Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Huntington, Long Island, NY: 14-yr-old, front-declawed LEXI the long-haired Calico - Family Moving and Cannot Take this Angel!

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From: Trudy Herenlip <tssh1@optonline.net>
Date: Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 2:04 PM
Subject: Huntington, L.I., 14 year old, front declawed*LEXI* Family Moving and Can Not Take this Angel!
To: Trudy Herenlip <tssh1@optonline.net>

Huntington, Long island
Feb 23
Declawed and 14 …Very Healthy…JUST had a complete Check up! Blood Work too!
RE POSTING!!! (No Rescues or Shelters Please) Really Need a Quiet Home with No Cats or One Gentle Kitty…No Dogs
LEXI  has been bullied by an Akita and therefore we prefer No DOGS…
HUNTINGTON, Long Island ( Transport Available for Approved Applicant)
LEXI NEEDS a Loving, Indulgent HOME..she is alone a LOT right now and craves HUMAN attention...yes...she's a lap cat and would be perfect for a quiet home where she will be The STAR!!!
Only Have until March 1
*LEXI* After an exhaustive search, we still don't have a Fitting Home for 14 Year old, declawed Kitty. Just given full clean bill of Health. She longs for a lap...prefer only cat or one other. This is a wonderful cat. Contact Trudy Tssh1@optonline.net

Feb 9, 2016

Huntington Long Island ( Transport Available to Approved HOME)
*LEXI* 14 years old, front declawed, HEALTHY, and very sweet girl...Family Moving and Can Not take her...Seeking Good Home! Contact me on fb or tssh1@optonline.net
Trudy Schilder Face Book
Lexi's family is moving to a small apt in NYC and they have a large dog who does NOT get along with Lexi at ALL!!! They separate them now in a large home but in the city it will be impossible! They have kept the house on Long Island just for the cat until a HOME is found...I don't think they had the right resources because she is still in need of a HOME! And she is highly adoptable it seems to me! 
 I have no idea how she will be with other cats...can we ever really know? With proper introduction it could work out!
Please contact me on fb or tssh1@optonline.net

Let's Get this beauty a HOME!