Monday, February 8, 2016

Irmo SC: Five senior dogs need help!!!

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Date: Feb 8, 2016 6:48 AM
Subject: Irmo, SC - Five senior dogs need help!!!

Contact person is: Linda Provence: Phone: 803-603-9537, Email:       (at 

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Date: February 6, 2016 at 7:33:47 PM EST

Irmo, SC - Five Senior dogs need help!!!

5 Senior Dogs Need HELP ASAP!!  Their owner passed away, and they were left on the property.   The email below was received at Homeward Bound.

I would appreciate your immediate help with 5 dogs.  They belonged to my Mother who passed away.  The bank took our home last week.  They are on land with a big pen adjacent to our home in Gilbert.  I have an additional dog with me in West Cola where I am staying temporarily.  None of the other dogs can come here. They are country dogsThe two females are wire hair Terriers, 1 female Yellow Lab, 1 female mid-sized short hair white Lab mix, 1 male Shepherd mix.  All are fixed, and all are chipped.  The Lab is 14 years old, and the rest are 12 years old.  They are all rescue dogs that my Mother took in.  I need help ASAP!! 

She's has only sent photos of 2 dogs so far.  We both know how Golden's are people dogs, so this is especially hard to see.  She has no clue how to find help, so I am trying to direct her.  Homeward Bound cannot take 5 seniors. Unfortunately we have no facility.  She is to gather medical records, most of which were lost in the flood, and send me photos of the other dogs. 

CAN ANYONE HELP EVEN ONE OR TWO???  I will keep working with her to find placement for them all. It breaks my heart to think of the life they've lived, and now they are out there alone. 

Thank you.

I am the contact person:
Linda Provence
Irmo, SC
Phone: 803-603-9537
Email:        (at