Saturday, February 27, 2016

NYC: Urgent. Help Needed for 14 Cats Evicted After Rescuer/Caretaker Has a Stroke

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Date: Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 10:49 AM
Subject: NYC: Heartbreaker! Immediate Help Needed for 14 Cats Evicted After Rescuer/Caretaker Has a Stroke

NYC: Heartbreaker! Immediate Help Needed for 14 Sweet and Sad Cats Evicted After Their Rescuer/Caretaker Has a Stroke
What happens when a rescuer can no longer care for her rescued cats? Hopefully, other rescuers step in to help.  Must have placement by March 13th!!!!
Contact: Carol Moon (646) 675-0082
We need your help with a dire situation in the Hudson Heights neighborhood of upper Manhattan - an apartment full of cats (not feral, but well cared for, vetted companions!) rescued over some years by Lynne Carlo (now hospitalized and Adeline Boyko (recently deceased) at the corner of Fort Washington Ave. and 181st St.. Both Lynne and Adeline were well-known rescuers in the area for over 20 years, and now their own beloved cats are at risk! We got word from Social Services on Tuesday, Feb. 23, that ALL cats must be removed from the apartment no later than this Sunday - Feb. 28. The plan was to send all remaining cats to the Animal Care Center, where many of them would probably be killed. Just this morning (Friday. Feb. 26), we were able to convince a local super to rent us a spot in his basement for two weeks only as a holding space for the cats. While we are incredibly relieved to have more than two days to place all the cats, we still need to move quickly to assure that all of them are in safe loving homes by March 13.
If you can foster or adopt even one of them, you would be doing a wonderful thing – saving a life.
Some important things to note about these cats:
1. Medical records exist for all cats who were seen/treated at Upper Eastside Veterinary Hospital/Dr. Cotter
2. ALL cats have been spayed/neutered, tested (all neg.), and vaccinated
3. ALL cats are in good physical condition
4. Ages range from 2+ to 9 years of age
5. Many of the cats are extremely social and very affectionate
6. A few of the younger cats are skittish when strangers come in to the apartment.
If you would like to see photos, please contact Carol Moon at
We are appealing to rescue groups and individuals to help out in this crisis by adopting or fostering any of these cats. Of the original 24 cats, we have already been able to find adoptive or foster homes for 10 of them over the past couple of weeks. We are very grateful for this, but there are 14 remaining cats who still need placement. If you could help out by adopting or fostering one or more of these cats please contact me ASAP. Remember, our deadline for placing them is MARCH 13Also, please feel free to pass this plea along to others who might be able to help out and/or let me know of others to whom I might reach out.
Thanks so much for your help with this situation - as the saying goes, "It takes a village...."
Carol Moon
(646) 675-0082