Monday, February 22, 2016

San Diego CA: Urgent. Muffin, Fuzzy And Slimm. Please Help!

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From PAWS supporter Darlene White of the San Diego Animal Foundation. There should be a way to help a family like this who are trying to keep their cats...

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Can anyone help these three cats or give this woman some options?
I already told her that it would be very difficult to find open space among the fosters, but that I'd forward it in case anyone has any ideas.  

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My three cats are Muffin(Momma), Fuzzy(baby), and Slimm(baby). I inherited them from a former landlord who was going to  euthanize them. Muffin is approximately eight years old and Fuzzy and Slimm(both female) are just over two. Out of the three, Muffin is the most social while the two babies take some time to warm up to people. They are loving, friendly and happy kitties overall.
Because I am currently homeless, I'm not able to have them with me. They are staying with a friend who can no longer keep them. I need a temporary foster home for them until mid when June when my daughter will be able to take them up north when she goes back to school.  We are desperate to keep our kitties. They are part of our family and we just love them! I would pay for food/litter, etc. If anyone can help, Please contact me at 661-435-3921 or
 Thank you, Nina Freed

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