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Santa Monica CA: Karma Rescue Needs Fosters! URGENTLY

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You Can Help

The Karma Chronicle
February 06, 2016

Fostering Is Vital To Animal Rescue

During the transition phase from street and shelter to home, rescued animals require emotional support, consistency, and training.

Whether you can open your home only for
a week, or a few months, you 
are a vital part of the rescue process when you foster an animal.
Today, Karma has 9 dogs that are in desperate need of a foster home. 
Please read their stories below and consider opening your home to them. Help us save lives.

Biscotti and Canolli

These Boxer sisters were in really bad shape when we rescued them, to the point of being almost feral. They are slowly getting better but they are still pretty scared of humans. They are not normal dogs right now; although we have confidence they will get there in the future. Right now they are still pretty scared of everything, poor pups. Although they are not aggressive at all, these girls are extremely shy and fearful. They will need someone who can work with them and help them learn what to be a dog is. Biscotti and Canolli would do best going to a home with another dog.


A loyal Pit mix, Noah is great with kids, and submissive dogs, both small and large (sorry, no cats). We have had Noah for a long time, which baffles us as he is a love bug! Noah is potty trained, crate trained, and walks very well on the leash. He's perfectly content being a couch potato but obviously needs a couple of walks. He has a little touch of stubbornness to his personality but is overall a swell guy.

A perfect babe on a leash, Kai is a Pit Mix. Sadly, Kai was adopted as a puppy, then returned, then adopted again, then returned. Talk about a revolving door case! Kai is not dog social, so he needs to be the only dog of the household and he needs a strong leader. He is both crate and potty trained. 

Hello, my name is Primo and I'm quite the STUNNING fellow looking for a foster home. I'm a German shepherd mix and a very healthy 5 years young. I am your typical shepherd type of guy; attentive, intelligent, inquisitive, and I like to take walks and patrol the yard too.

Vic & Kelli
This is a bonded pair of boxers. While Kelli is an easy girl who loves everyone, Vic is more cautious. Both of these beauties are Canine Good Citizen certificate holders having gone through the Paws For Life program. They love each other so much, they have to stay together. Vic is a little wary at first but once he knows no one is there to hurt him, he is very loving. They are active and will need exercise but are perfectly potty and crate trained. 

If you can't foster, you can help Karma help other dogs like these with a one-time donation

Cookie Dough

An 11 year-old pit mix, Cookie Dough is not social with other dogs. With that said, he is a super easy dog and just perfect for an apartment. He doesn't need a lot of activity as he's kind of a couch potato. Cookie Dough has free training but is already potty trained, crate trained, and good on the leash. Very affectionate!!

A HUGE Thank You
Piper W. and the Givebones movement

As you know, our Paws for Life program is incredibly important. 
Piper has been involved with the Paws for Life program since the beginning supplying collars for the dogs each round through her company Givebones.
In addition to providing these much needed supplies, Piper is involved day to day running her own rescue!

Karma Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible non-profit run entirely on the contributions of animal lovers like you!

Karma Rescue, 1158 26th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90430
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