Thursday, February 25, 2016

USA & beyond: Petfinder Founder Betsy Saul Launches Website for Urgent Pets

Great news!!! All shelters and rescue organizations should join now. They are working as quickly as they can to get the site up and running.  Because of the urgent nature of these particular pets they are asking organizations to pre-register so they can hit the ground running once the site is launched. Please share widely.

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From: 911FosterPets Outreach <>
Date: Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 12:05 PM

Twenty years ago, I started Petfinder, which has
resulted in over 25 million pet adoptions. 

But in spite of our incredible progress in many 
communities, lives are still being lost purely due 
to lack of space or unrealistic time limits. And 
you, like me, are probably still haunted by some 
of the special souls we met along the way that 
just needed extra time to find homes. 

So today, I am launching 911fosterpets to 
address the very specific needs of pets with less 
than 72 hours to be saved. We will harness the 
love and dedication that already exist within 
our community, and together we'll create a 
foster movement, fulfilling a vision that no pets 
are euthanized for space or time. 

If your organization has urgent pets or would 
like to help them, please join me at 
your account today.

Betsy Banks Saul 
Founder |