Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cleburne TX: Urgent update RE: Rubberband cut circulation off from his tail - Bob the sweet talkative big orange cat needs a foster or forever.

Following is an email from Gayla last night pleading for a foster (or forever) home as Bob was to be released from the hospital today March 9th. His tail amputation surgery went well on Wednesday. He is very sweet and talkative, around 8 lbs and may go to 10 when recovered. He has no place to go now so needs a foster or furever very urgently. If you check the Facebook link, people are pledging to pay for a night of boarding to allow more time to find a foster or furever, and if there are changes in the situation, the Facebook photo/thread seems to be the best place to look. The vet charges $13.65 per night, and Gayla is checking with the vet and Maria. Please adopt Bob as an indoor cat, foster him and/or share if you can. Donations are welcome.

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I just found out 5 minutes ago, Bob's rescuer and financier of his tail amputation and vetting has no place to put Bob. He is being released from the hospital tomorrow. She has a tiny house, with one bathroom, no laundry room, no garage and pets inside the house that are not cat friendly. So if Bob does not find a foster, even a temp one, he is going to be out on the porch in the wet weather. I had no idea of the urgency of Bob's situation. Even a temp foster would be better than nothing. That will give more time to find a rescue or home for this sweet big boy. 
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Rescue/home is needed

CONTACT: Maria  254 338 1637
Ok rescue friends....Bob was found by Maria in Cleburne Tx, it was evident his tail had been injured but she had no idea she would find the injury was caused by a tight rubber band some evil person put around his tail. God knowns how long he has had to endure this pain. But the damage is so great his tail is going to be removed. While the surgery is being performed he will also be neutered and his vaccinations brought up to date.  Bob is currently staying at the vet, his surgery is scheduled for 3/8/16 which will cost an estimated $500 for the surgery and boarding, donations can be made directly to the vet:
Cleburne Veterinary Hospital
Address: 105 Country Club Rd, Cleburne, TX 76033
I asked if she wanted to set up a youcare fund for donations, but she said her main concern is getting Bob into a safe loving home even thought donations would be nice.
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