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East Meadow NY: Repeat plea!!! RE: Brookie the Dog Needs Special Home for her Retirement! She Surely Deserves it! Neglected her whole life!

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Long Island, NY
April 2, 2016 

And AGAIN…BROOKIE…How Can WE Give UP on a Dog who was TIED to a POLE…in the freezing cold…passing out…
Sweet senior longs for her retirement home after being abandoned and tied to a pole....
Brookie spent several hours tied to a pole outside of a McDonald's where... her owner left her to fend for herself . Not only was she outside in the cold, but she repeatedly passed out from her heart condition . Thanks to Road To Home Rescue, she was taken to a safe haven and brought to the emergency room. Her body temperature and heart rate was low , she had to be put hospitalized and put on oxygen for several days, and is now resting comfortably in her foster home .
Although she is being well taken care of , she is in desperate need of a retirement home . She longs for an owner who will not only dote on her after all she has been through , but also be able and willing to give her daily medication and take her for checkups every 3-6 months . She also enjoys living with other feline and canine companions who like to go at her pace and who are laid back . She would do best in a quiet home, where she can take her daily naps, play in the yard, and be a couch potato . After being neglected , not only medically, but emotionally as well, she deserves someone who will make her the center of their world and make up for all he years she was mistreated .
For more information on adopting Brookie, please contact her advocates at
- located in East Meadow, NY
- approximately 12 years old
- fully vetted
- requires daily medication
- good with cats and dogs
- love bug

3/25 POST 

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Subject: Long Island, * Brookie* Needs a Special Home for her Retirement* She Surely Deserves IT! Neglected When She Needed It Most...
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Good Friday
March 25, 2016
Long Island, New York (Transport Available to Approved HOME)
Sweet Senior tied to a pole, passed out repeatedly, and left to fend for herself .....
Now treated medically and ready for a retirement HOME…

Brookie is a sweet senior who has lead a life of neglect. When she became too much of a burden on her owner medically, he tied her to a pole, called animal control and hoped someone would take her. Nobody showed up to help her as she repeatedly passed out and was forced to stay on her feet for several hours in...the cold. Luckily, Road To Home came to her aid and got her the medical attention she so desperately needed.

Now that she is out of the hospital and has fully recuperated, she is looking for a retirement home who will shower her with the love and attention she has always deserved. She will also need a compassionate owner who will make sure she gets her heart medication every day for the rest of her life and take her for regular checkups to monitor her heart. With all that this gentle soul has been through, it's time to find this angel her forever home.
- Located in East Meadow , NY
- approximately 12 yrs old
- good with other dogs
- no experience with cats

For more information on adopting Brookie, please email his advocates at