Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hickory NC area: GOOD NEWS! RE: Rusty the Owned Ginger Cat needs a Rescue. Owner becoming Homeless

Success! A foster came Friday and Saturday to round up all three cats. "Partners for Cats Caldwell County Branch" is the rescue. The website is and they have a donate button there. Please support the rescues! And it looks like Beth will be starting a new job soon. Well done, Beth! 
Smokey is one of the two
males who went to rescue

3/17 POST

3/17 UPDATE: The rescuer taking the two male cats Will take Rusty too. She is picking them up tomorrow evening. Thanks to everyone who crossposted for Rusty.
3/15 POST
I came across the plea for Rusty at The Dog Rescues Network today and inquired with the owner if she needed more networking for her pets.
Homeless Cat Needs a Home - Hickory, NC
A ginger tabby with white markings we think is a spayed older female. Owner is being made homeless and so are the dogs and cats. For more information e-mail

Elizabeth (Beth) Key informed me that she has found placement for the two dogs she posted for, and a rescuer is planning to come get the two male cats. She wants to hold on to her Yorkie Poo no matter what. So Rusty still needs a rescue, and Beth grants permission to network for Rusty. She wrote, "Rusty "wandered up here about 5 years ago, looked starved and I started feeding her. She gradually started trusting me and now is well fed and spoiled. She does not like to be held though - she will jump up by you to be petted, but if you try to hold her she gets frantic. She is a quiet, sweet cat. I have no idea how old she is, since she was grown when she rambled in."

Rusty and Fuzzy
"No she has not been to the vet at all. I kind of assume she is a spayed female - no sign of balls and she has never gotten pregnant. Mess with that area and she takes hide! LOL"

As for Beth who has been her mom's caretaker since 2007, "Mom is going to be staying in the nursing home, at least for a while. As for me - I am hoping I can find someone in the Hickory area that will let Socky (my [neutered] Yorkie Poo) and I crash at their place. But, I have no income right now. Out of work since 1/21 and unemployment was denied."

Beth is looking for a clerical position "or one I can sit down in. My back keeps me from standing for much over 5 minutes at a time or walking very far. I am willing to learn new skills - but my back does limit me. I have many years experience in medical offices but it is old, and I have done customer service and general office." If you can help Rusty, or Beth and Socky the Yorkie Poo who need income and a place to live, please email (