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Houston TX: 4/1 update. Has rescue, still needs pledges RE: NO RESPONSE from Rescuers! Stray Female Dog in Distress Needs Rescue

On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 7:42 AM, Sharon Epstein <> wrote:

I am so excited - after a week of pleas, Roxi has a safe place to go!   And its such a small world, Spring with Country Love Bullies was at Abbott Clinic the night Roxi was there and so they have already met!
Deedre Guggenheim connected me to Spring Fults with Country Love Bullies.  Right off, I was impressed with Spring - I can tell she is a firecracker and dedicated, boots to the ground rescuer.  She deals with all dogs but especially the bully and pit types and has saved those that no one else would - like those saved from dog fighting rings (she is a member of an anti-fight ring organization, can't remember the name).  Her rescue is a 501c3 and she has property in Conroe for the dogs. 
Spring was very open to helping Roxi - but always, money is tight.  For Spring to accept Roxi, we need to fulfill donations ahead of time.  Also, Spring is leaving tomorrow to go pick up some new rescues in Dallas and also has a 1 week old litter of puppies at her house - so she is hesitant to bring a dog that has not been vetted and has mange, into the group.  It was decided the best thing was to get Roxi to a vet, get her treatment under way and get her safe from outside (since not vetted, has mange and family has Yorkie, she could not come inside).  Spring uses Abbott as her main vet and has a rescue discount, which works out well since Roxi has already been seen there.  Roxi can get vetted and kenneled there for 2 weeks, then once her mange is under control and she has had her shots, can go to Spring's property.  Spring called Abbott and got an estimate on costs and with the mange treatment, shots, spay, boarding cost, and some costs Spring will incur after Abbott, the estimate is $650.  Spring will take care of Roxi is she heartworm positive, which we don't know yet.  Also, Spring will go give the needed medicated baths at Abbott herself, saving a lot of money there.
So far in pledges, we have 3 totaling $200 and 2 more pledges but amount unknown right now.  If you can give a little, that would be wonderful!  

PLEASE MAKE YOUR DONATION via Country Love Bullies FB - center of page there is a Pay Pal symbol with a link.  PLEASE let me know how much and when its done so I can track it.  PLEASE note its for "Roxi."  Also, let me know if I can use your name as a donor or if you want to remain anonymous when I send out an update.
If you have any questions, input or difficulty with the donation, feel free to email or call me.

I will of course let everyone know when Roxi is moved to Abbott and Spring says she will post updates of Roxi on her FB so all can follow Roxi's progress. 
THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you to all who helped circulate her plea, thank you to all who gave pledges and thank you VERY MUCH to Aurora for saving this girl from the streets and Spring with Country Love Bullies for taking her in. 

Sharon Epstein

3/31 POST 
3-31 Sharon Epstein reports there has been no response as far as rescuers go for precious Roxie! Thank goodness the homeowner responded, and thank goodness donors did too, but Roxie needs placement with a rescue. PLEASE, if you can rescue, contact: Aurora Garcia, 832-627-3616 or (

Sharon is managing pledges. Contact her at sharon.c.epstein AT There is one for $50 and one for $100, plus two with no set amounts but they would cover a lot.

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Yes, just walking in my house. Look at the huge difference, and she's eating right now! She has demodectic mange and hookworms. I am having her treated for both. They said the mange could have been passed by her mom at birth. She had 102 fever when we got there and her paws are really swollen. She got an antibiotic and medicine for the mange. They didn't test her for parvo because doctor thought she was too old to have that as more common in young puppies. He thinks she's about 1-1.5 yrs old, and pit mix. She did not have a microchip. I got her some wet food and mixed with some of my Pixie's dry food and mixed her medicine. She is still eating, and standing I'm really happy. I was prepared to hear the worse. The charges were high, but I just did the basic treatment to get her feeling better. My total was $227. If you could please send an update in the morning, hopefully we can get this baby a home. Thanks so much for all your help!!!
3/30 POST
Sharon Epstein (sharon.c.epstein AT attached the same flyer to her email in two versions, one pdf and another docx. They are viewable HERE pdf and HERE docx.

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Update for this little girl, now being called Roxie, and still looking for a rescue group:

Last night, Roxi still hadn't moved from her spot or eaten and was looking worse.  Aurora was concerned she would not make it through the night.  I told her about Abbott Clinic that is open until 10pm and Aurora rushed her off to the vet clinic.  THANKFULLY, Roxi only had a fever, hookworms and demodectic mange and was sent home with meds.  She got to feeling much better and stood up and ate for the first time :)  (see flyer with pics).  

The vet thinks Roxie is a pittie mix, about 1 to 1 1/2 years old.  She is not micro-chipped.  She was not given shots or heartworm tested, just getting her stabilized and feeling better was the goal.  The bill at Abbott was $227 and Aurora paid it.  That was absolutely awesome that Aurora took her to the vet and made sure she was Ok!

There are 3 donors willing to help with vetting and other needed costs to the rescue group who can foster her while she gets better and find her a new loving home.  THANK YOU to these generous, caring people. If you would like to also donate, just reply to this email and I will keep track and if a rescue steps up, let you know how to provide your donation to them.
We REALLY need a rescue group to take little Roxie in.  She is young and seems to have a good temperament.  Aurora, her husband and kids have had no problem or aggressive mannerisms from her, even while feeling so bad.  She traveled fine in the car to the vet.  

THANK YOU for all your time and effort to try to help all we can. 
Sharon E
3/29 POST 
Stray dog stayed by the pool and would not eat
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Date: Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 12:56 PM
Subject: Female Pit needs rescue help badly

Female Pit needs rescue help badly

Dr. Garza Vet Clinic called me today and connected me to Aurora Garcia, who called Dr. Garza's office looking for rescue help.  A female pit / pit mix wandered into Aurora's backyard (her house backs up to a bayou) yesterday afternoon.  She seems weak and may need medical attention.  Much of her hair is missing.  Aurora cannot keep her and is not equipped to address her health and adopt her out.  She does not want to turn her over to a shelter, though, because of her breed and condition.  Pics are attached of this precious girl.  Also, Aurora will donate $300 to the rescue group who can take the girl in, to help with vet costs. 

Info from Aurora - "Hi Sharon! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. A dog, which appears to be of pitbull/mix breed, came into our backyard yesterday afternoon around 2pm. We have a pool and she was sitting on the ledge, but would not move from there. She stayed there for about 9 hours. We can't tell if she's in pain or just afraid, but we know she needs help. Her skin looks very irritated, she could have a possible skin infection or flea allergy. We can tell she's a female, but not sure how old she could be.  We put some food and water for her but she would not eat. She doesn't seem aggressive, but we don't know her. We were able to carry her to our patio, put a leash on her and laid her on a blanket as we are afraid that she could fall in the pool and not be able to get out throughout the night. We don't know what to do with her. I don't want to call the SPCA because I'm not sure what they will do to her, and I'm really not sure her condition other than what we can see. Can you please let me know if there may be a rescue group that can help her? I've attached a couple of pictures of her if you can please share with your contacts  Thank you in advance, any help you can provide is greatly appreciated."
PLEASE, if you can help, contact: Aurora Garcia, 832-627-3616 or

She is copied on this email.

THANK YOU for any assistance to save this girl.

Sharon E