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La Porte TX: Details re T-Bone's rescue RE: GOOD NEWS. T-Bone has left the building. RE: T-Bone the Rhodesian Ridgeback

3-23 Here is the post by Kym at Triumphant Tails Facebook page regarding the rescue of T-Bone by Beverli of Service Dog Express in San Antonio. It was an advocate named Yasmeen who networks on Instagram who made the life-saving connection. T-Bone's call was heard! Thanks again to everybody who worked towards saving this magnificent dog.

T-BONE: FREE AT LAST - SERVICE DOG IN THE MAKING! <3Nearly three months, several thousand views, hundreds of shares,...
Posted by Triumphant Tails, Inc. on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3-23: It is reported this morning by Kym on Triumphant Tails photo/thread for T-Bone that he has been rescued and left the building. No other details are offered at this time. Thanks to those who advocated, networked and pledged for T-Bone.

3-22: Status quo. It boggles the mind why a rescue hasn't taken advantage of this kind and generous offer. Contact Sharon.C.Epstein AT regarding details but basically it includes an anonymous donor's pledge to cover boarding/training for T-Bone at K&M in Conroe TX. It also includes facilitating getting his shots and transport to Conroe. A 501(c)3 just needs to step up and agree to pull T-Bone and back him for ultimate adoption.  Contact Sharon for more info re pledge, and the shelter contact for T-Bone is:
    Address: 10901 Spencer Hwy, La Porte, TX 77571
    Monday - Friday 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Saturday - Sunday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.
3/21 POST
Please contact Sharon.C.Epstein AT regarding details for this generous offer!!! K&M is a great boarding/training facility; they can assess and help T-Bone with his canine good citizenship skills as needed. 
On Sat, Mar 19, 2016 at 4:55 PM, Sharon Epstein <> wrote:
A very generous rescue donor is willing to underwrite T-Bone's stay and training at K&M Canines if a rescue group can pull him and be responsible for his adoption!!!  He is neutered and heartworm negative but would need his shots.
3/21 POST 
3-21 update. An expert has said T-Bone is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Kennel is full. T-Bone is still highest on list if space becomes an issue today. 
Kym wrote on T-Bone's FB thread "Triumphant Tails, Inc. PLEASE NOTE that I have an appointment tomorrow (Monday) that will occupy much of my time. If anyone can help T-Bone, please call the shelter supervisor (Clarence Anderson) directly at 281-842-3700! He would love to hear from anyone willing to give this wonderful dog a chance and is an easy guy to work with. Don't wait on me people! The clock is ticking and I can't be at my computer 24/7. Keep those prayers for T-Bone coming! Thank you all for the great networking efforts (and pledges) you have put into trying to save him."
Kym wrote on FB, "Triumphant Tails, Inc. 3.19.16 UPDATE: The shelter is now closed for the day but they filled up the last available kennel just before quitting time. We are going to lose lives short of a last-minute owner reclaim, adoption or rescue pull first thing in the morning. I am heartbroken."
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T-Bone had this new photoshoot today 3-13
 thanks to his Advocate Robbie. 
He is starved for affection and exercise.
3-19 Still alive but his life is beyond precarious. T-Bone was given up by his owner due to owner's cancer illness and inability to take care of him. If you are a behaviorist who can assess T-Bone, please contact Kym or the shelter. Hillary is still there too - has been for ten weeks - and she has no bad marks against her whatsoever. Please help the pets of LaPorte shelter.
3-18 Still alive but his situation is extremely tragic. Two dogs were ptd this morning and T-Bone is at the top of the list. Kym is a rescuer who can facilitate if you email her at - or just go to the shelter and get him out. The shelter number is 281-842-3700, but the shelter indicates he is not fond of other animals so he is doomed unless an savvy rescuer or adopter steps up for him. 
3/15 Still beyond urgent. Please adopt or rescue Redbone Coonhound T-Bone (and others) at the small, busy LaPorte Animal Control.
3/13 POST
T-Bone still has no offers and is extremely CODE RED!
Kym asked a T-Bone fan (Robbie) who is closer to the shelter to go videotape him. The videotape didn't happen but these are the new photos. Kym wrote today, "The poor dog was so darn happy to have human companionship that he was jumping all over them, climbing on them when they sat on the bench, and about flattened one of the ladies trying to give (and get) affection. He hasn't been out of his kennel in about two weeks or more -- NO exercise." The shelter is very busy so this is just to let people know how frustrated T-Bone must feel.
Earlier update
PLEASE NOTE Rescuer Kym has clarified, "The ONLY temperament testing that was done was on-site at the shelter at the hands of an ACO and one volunteer. They introduced T-Bone on a leash to two other dogs, one female and one male. T-Bone did NOT lunge at the other dogs but he did put his hackles up and growl when they got too close. The shelter staff did not allow it to go any further than that. For what it's worth, that is why he has been labeled by the shelter as a dog that should go to an "only pet" home." Please contact Kym, Triumphant Tails, at for questions or the shelter directly at 281-842-3700. 
The Facebook photo/thread for him is HERET-Bone is the most Facebook-circulated shelter pet that the rescue is posting now, but he has no offers, and the fact that he is still alive is largely a matter of luck in relation to how many dogs are coming in vs. going out.
Pledges to incentivize rescuers are most welcome! Contact Kym at Triumphant Tails if you would like to pledge towards T-Bone's rescue. You can also pledge via the Facebook photo/thread.
3/12 POST
T-bone and Hillary are the most in danger and could go down any moment too many more dogs come in with not enough going out alive.
Here is an IG post. Please repost vigorously on IG if you can:
Another good contact for T-Bone is:
3/11 POST

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From: BARC Aid <>
Date: Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 11:45 AM
Subject: T-Bone--Redbone Coonhound at La Porte
To: BARC Aid <>

Pictures are attached that I took of T-Bone at the shelter not long ago. He is a gorgeous dog and would make an excellent pet for any family that doesn't have other animals. He is young, vibrant and beautiful! I'm hoping someone out there has room for this big guy.

Hello Fosters & Rescues,

T-Bone is at another Shelter and will be euthanized as he is not fond of other animals but is a great Family pet, fixed and hwnegative. They contacted us to see if any of our rescues or fosters would be interested in this dog. Please let me know if you are and I will help coordinate arrangements. The woman who contacted us is willing to bring the dog to BARC.

Please see pictures and additional info below:


Here is the information about T-Bone for networking purposes:

* Owner surrendered to the shelter on January 30th. Reason given - owner's health/unable to provide care for the dog any longer
* 3 year old male dog (neutered)
* 68.9 lbs.
* Heartworm NEGATIVE
* Lived with kids in prior home; great family companion!
* High energy, playful and affectionate with all people

Alejandra Peimbert, Education Coordinator – BARC Outreach
City of Houston, Administration & Regulatory Affairs
BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions
3200 Carr Street, Houston, Texas 77026
Direct:  832-395-9081