Friday, March 25, 2016

Memphis TN: GOOD NEWS RE: Urgent. Rescue Needed for this little Canine Family that needs to stay together! Smart, friendly Dad stays by them and won't leave Mom & 7 puppies

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Liz, thanks for posting!  I just talked with Josh, and North Miss. Animal Rescue is taking them! 

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Hello Everyone!

Well, here is the whole family needing someone to help them!   Josh has a cabin in Mississippi, and yesterday a friendly male dog came up to him.  Soon, the female (with sagging breasts)  joined him.  Both dogs led Josh to his barn where 7 puppies were in a back corner of a stall.  Afraid that the coyotes will get the dogs, Josh moved the family of 9 into his cabin.   These dogs are real sweet.  The male will not leave the female's side.  Josh said last night that neither one of the dogs  messed up anything in the cabin.  Nothing torn up.  This morning, they ran outside to do their business and came back inside.  The male will sit on command.  Josh estimates the dogs are appx. 30-40 lbs. and are approx. 1-1-1/2 yrs. old.  Clean, white teeth.    He said these dogs are so sweet and loving, and neither one are food aggressive.  They do not even get upset if Josh and his wife handle the puppies!   

Josh will be bringing this little family back to Memphis today and needs a place for them.  These dogs have not been to a vet, but they appear to be very healthy.  Do not know about heartworms.    Please cross post and let's get this little Easter family settled in somewhere.  

Thank you!


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This is josh ray do the ac work for you. Mike gave me your email. I found a female that has 7 puppies and a male with her. The puppies are probably 2 to 3 weeks old. Both the male and female are very sweet dogs. She had the puppies in my barn in the country around water valley ms. If you know anyone that may be able to foster them let me know. I have to big dogs and am worried that they will be aggressive towards them. I am going to bring them home today. I will buy them food and supplies if someone can foster them. My number is 9015811095. If possible they need to stay together. He stays by her and want leave her.
Josh ray