Sunday, March 20, 2016

MYRTLE BEACH SC: Can someone help German Shepherd in cage basically his whole life?

photo from Craigslist
"this dog has been in that cage almost it's WHOLE LIFE!!!"
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From: Linda F
Date: Mar 20, 2016 7:01 AM
Subject: MYRTLE BEACH USA,,,,,,,,,, UPDATE again: GERMAN Shepard in distress UPDATE!!!

copied from Craigslist:

UPDATE again: GERMAN Shepard in distress UPDATE!!!
Poor dog hardly gets fed, and NEVER EVER gets out of that crappy home made cage!!! People there just don't care, probably drugs involved too, it's like they want this young pup to be mean. Poor pup on pint circle road, north end. I go by there everyday as my work requires me to. And I have good friends that live close to it he never gets out and NEVER gets pet or played with EVER!!! Can someone help? Animal control can't. UPDATED: This dog needs a petition or something to get him a good home. Animal control can do nothing because apparently it's OK to keep your dog this way with no physical attention what so ever and continually confined to a cage, never to run, touch grass, stretch his muscles or play. I can't answer emails and the location is on maps, BUT it's not a nice place! The only way he's going to get a out of here and into a good home will probably be some type of petition. I'm going to eliminate this post again so print it if you want the info. I'm only putting this on here to get the good people out there to be aware of the situations I see on a regular basis when I come back here for my job, on Pint Circle road. (Blue roofed house)...ive complained to animal control but they said hes fine. Im a single lady and dont know what to do ,,some animals are treated worse than livestock around here! I've gotten alot of emails about this poor pup , i hope something can be done to save him, bit remember these "people" will NOT be friendly to you, do not go to their house, they wont cooperate... As for a street address, I do not think I can put that on here. (Blue roof house) And I can't answer emails can only update this info, and like I said I'm going to take this post down so copy it if you want the info...this dog has been in that cage almost it's WHOLE LIFE!!!

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