Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Newnan GA: Urgent! Douglas the Retriever mix A031656 has given up! We CANNOT give up on him!

Click HERE for Douglas on Petharbor.
He needs rescue ASAP!

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Date: Mar 2, 2016 5:17 AM
Subject: Newnan, GA - Douglas has given up! - We CANNOT give up on him!! - Labrador Retriever Mix

Contact now, before it is too late!
Gail: 917-873-7408        (at 

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Newnan, GA: Douglas has given up!
- We CANNOT give up on him!! 

Douglas is one of the sweetest boys we've ever seen at Coweta AC, and he is not doing well in a shelter environment.  He wants, needs, and deserves a loving home, not a cold, lonely shelter cage.
Douglas has been shutting down in the shelter, and has now been moved to "the back".  We all know where that could lead, and that would be a terrible crime.
Is there anyone who can help this sweet boy?  We will gladly help with pull, vetting, transport and take care of the HW treatment.  Please help us save Douglas's life, and help him start his Freedom Ride.
Contact me now, before it is too late!
917-873-7408       (at 
Douglas's Video:

TX-14 - EXTREMELY URGENT!                              
  • Breed:     Labrador Retriever Mix
  • Sex:         Male
  • Age:         Adult           
  • Size:        Medium  
  • Weight:   32 lbs per shelter notes at intake
  • ID:           A031656
  • Shelter Name:  "Douglas"
  • Vaccinated, Heartworm POSITIVE 


The address is: 91 Selt Road, Newnan, GA.

When you meet "Douglas" you will immediately see how depressed and sad he is.  He seems to have given up, and now has stopped eating.  The shelter is giving him soft food but he needs to get out of the shelter.   
"Douglas" is such a sweet, sweet fella.  He is loving, laid back, tries to please and has a humble personality.  "Douglas" is wonderful.....truly, truly wonderful.  His only crime is that he is homeless and that is not his fault but he may have to pay the ultimate price.  

Please.....please open your heart and home to this wonderful, deserving fella....please.  Just watch his video and you will see what a special fella "Douglas" is.  Will you open your heart and home and give him a second chance at life and love?   

PLEASE HURRY!  This pet has been at the shelter since 11/18/15!!