Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Patchogue NY: Urgent. Pollyanna the Tabby does indeed get along with other Cats

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March 15
Long Island, NY
~Pollyanna~ Pollyanna...Pollyanna's SAD NEWS
After coming from a Home in which the family and their 8 cats were evicted...Pollyanna was one of the FIRST to be adopted and saved from going to a KILL SHELTER...Just look at that face...sadly, due to improper introduction with the resident cat...the friction began and never let up...there was NOT enough time given either way...we've all adopted out cats who had rough starts in their new HOMES due to one circumstance or another...POLLYANNA Lived with EIGHT cats so we know that she gets along with other cats.. it really makes us appreciate those who go the Extra 10 MILES to make their adoptive pets Welcome with Patience and Understanding...She is only 3 and a very loving girl...look at how relaxed she was...The adoptive family gave up and sent her packing! We have her in a VERY VERY temporary foster this week…we are urgently seeking a Good Home…
CONTACT Sonnia  alleykattz5@aol.com
Contact Trudy tssh1@optonline.net
Contact one of us ASAP so we can secure her SAFETY for ONCE and for all!!!!!!!! This is NOW URGENT!We SAVED Her from a KILL SHELTER...We Won't Give Up on Her...