Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Springfield TN: URGENT! Only 8 runs are usable now, and all are full!

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Date: Mar 1, 2016 5:41 PM
Subject: Springfield, TN - URGENT!! - Only 8 runs are usable now, & all are full!!!
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Please contact: forgetmenotrescue@gmail.com        (at     gmail.com).






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Springfield, TN
- URGENT!! - Only 8 runs are usable now, & all are full!!!



** Please share!!  Their lives depend on it!!!**



PLEASE help these needy dogs over in my rural area!!!  Construction is being done and the outdoor kennels are being taken down!!! There are only EIGHT usable runs!!  This is a HARDSHIP!!!



Please see if you cam save ANY of the dogs below!!  Right now they have NINE dogs and one puppy (not pictured is on stray).  If no offers come in soon, somebody is going to die!!!!  Please help!!



Please contact me: forgetmenotrescue@gmail.com       (at     gmail.com).









Choco Pit boy - Owned, came in as stray.  Owner never paid bail.  URGENT!  They don't adopt out the breed!



Fluffy black & fluffy blonde - Taken by AC for neglect, this pair needs a miracle!  Female is sweet as sugar.  The male is a little more aloof, but okay.



The tan teddy bear!!!  Oh my gosh, this boy is a cutie!!!  He is like an oversize puppy!  He is good with dogs and guess what, the ACOs one day found that a cat had climbed into the run, and was sleeping on his bed with him!!   URGENT!  His ONLY hope is rescue due to breed also!!



Senior Hound female.  This girl is sweet and gentle.  Sadly it's easy to wonder if a senior hound even has half a shot at getting out alive.  :(  Is there someone, anyone out there to save this angel?



Hound mom & pup - Her puppies, except one have been adopted, but mom hasn't gotten any attention, only her puppies.  This cute pair needs a savior!!



CAMERON - This Boxer/AM Staff boy is the LONGEST LIVING resident right now!!  He is RESCUE ONLY, and at anytime could be euthanized.  Please, please, please save him in his 11th hour!!!  He PASSED a dog test with a friendly female dog.



Skin and bones Shep/Hound mix - This one was STARVED!!  They are feeding her, but still needs TLC. Appears young.  Please save!!



These animals are at Springfield Animal Control.  However, please email me for transport/vetting resources and coordination, as they are not able to do this part.



Please contact me!  Thanks!