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A fire has killed more than 50 animals at the Humane Society of Southeast Texas on March 15, 2016 |Juan Rodriguez/KBMT
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Thank you for everyone's support through networking, donations and offers to help through other ways.

I was mistaken about some of the animal #s (corrected in original email below).  Most dogs perished unfortunately, not sure if the 11 in vet care are the only dog survivors.  Since the cats were in a different location further from the fire, most of them survived - 30.  They have all been adopted or been found foster homes.  Beaumont Humane Society needs mostly monetary donations at this time - they have run out of storage for food and other supplies donated. 
Not only has the fire devastated the Beaumont Humane Society, this will now overwhelm Beaumont Animal Services.  Normally they service just the Beaumont area, small town itself.   But the nearby counties of Orange and Deweyville are under State of Emergency floods - Deweyville having the worst flooding since 1884.  Most have probably heard that I-10 at the Texas / Louisiana border is flooded and closed.  So these counties are turning to Beaumont for help with their displaced pets and strays.  And now with BHS out of commission, that leaves one small agency that will be inundated.

Red Rover, a rescue group that shelters and cares for animals displaced by natural disasters and other crises across the US, has been alerted. 
Below is an email from the shelter manager at BAS - please read and respond to her if you can individually foster or if you are with a rescue group might be able to help.  
Also, if you are trying to get ahold of the shelter manager at BHS, Carrie Fontnow, the phone lines do not work.  BHS can receive email at
If you need help with transport, a BHS volunteer has offered to help as she can:
Facebook: Shannon Knapp Feagin
If you also may be able to transport for fosters or rescue groups, feel free to let me know and I can pass on your info if someone requests it.  

EMAIL FROM Beaumont Animal Services:

Thank you all for your support with networking, monetary donations, offers to directly help and your thoughts for all effected from the fire.  

The fire at the Humane Society was a very sad occurrence and the loss of 74 dogs was even harder to grasp.  The good news is, all of their surviving animals have been fostered/adopted.  Beaumont Animal Services will now typically pick up or try to pick up  the overflow of animals.  Because we are a city operation, our intake limits us to Beaumont citizens.  In light of the flooding to our nearby communities, I may "relax" our intake in some situations.  In doing so, this is going to put a burden on our existing population and I certainly do not wish to euthanize to make room for more animals.  Our facility is small, we do the best we can with adoptions, fosters, and rescue organizations to pull.  With that said, we need FOSTERS and adoptions!  We have many great animals here just begging for homes and homes filled with love for our dogs and cats.  Meanwhile, we would gladly accept any donations to help take care of these guys.....towels, wire crates, carriers, blankets, leashes, toys (both cat & dog), and for those unable to drop off items at our location, we love GIFT CARDS!  Petco, Petsmart, Wal-Mart are places we can purchase supplies that may be needed!
Please visit our Facebook page:  Beaumont Animal Services or email
Susan Toney Director of  Animal Services City of Beaumont 
1884 Pine St. Beaumont, TX. 77703 Phone:  409.838.3304 Fax:  409.838.3324 

Someone else noted that people are continuing to dump off dogs and cats in crates at the Humane Society, even though the building is destroyed!  So they may need fosters as well. 
Again, THANK YOU and please continue to keep all the pet lovers and workers in Beaumont in your thoughts.
Sharon E

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Subject: Really bad fire at the Beaumont Humane Society

Last night, a dryer caught fire after hours at the Beaumont Humane Society and destroyed the building, with a great loss of life.  There were about 200 animals there, 74 dogs did not make it (cats in a different location).  They believe most died from smoke inhalation.  11 dogs are getting critical treatment at local vets and 30 cats have been placed in temporary foster homes.  They are overwhelmed by need and to compound it, Beaumont Animal Control is overcrowded with animals from Orange and Deweyville Counties from the flooding there.

New Stories
This story includes somewhat graphic pictures and sad details so may want to choose not to open this link

They are asking for monetary donations to help with medical care, supplies and eventual repairs (damage is severe). Link to their PayPal:
Some of the news stories list need for other items:  cat litter, litter pans (cats were not affected but supplies were) and blankets.  I have been told that they have enough food for right now.  The Rescue Bank here, which supplies pet food and other items to area rescues, has already made contact with BHS and offered their assistance.
Their phone and internet lines were destroyed in the fire - so you cannot call them.

This must be especially hard for the workers and volunteers, so please keep them in your thoughts.