Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Houston TX: Good news! RE: Need pickup right away from BARC to Sugarland - Tatum A1385292 at BARC - need, foster if avail, and $$$

Hooray! Tatum left the building. Got a ride with Estelle Mack. Thanks for crossposting.

Her record in Petharbor:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sharon Epstein <sharon.c.epstein@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 12:02 PM
Subject: Tatum at BARC - need TRANSPORT ASAP, foster if avail & $$
Cc: SOSsugarland <rodedog@peoplepc.com>, "Cloud, Karen" <Karen.Cloud@bracewelllaw.com>

Sorry, this may be a duplicate for some -

Tatum (pic attached) is a sweet medium size dog that is pretty healthy and good disposition but has been at BARC for over 30 days and so is length of stay.  A plea went out yesterday to network her.  Sharon Rode with Safe Our Strays, stretched to the limit like everyone, stepped up to save her since she seems like such a good dog.  But we just heard from BARC - they have just taken in 50 dogs after only being open an hour and Tatum is #5 on the LOS list - she has to be picked up at BARC ASAP.  Sharon has already tagged her under her rescue but WE NEED TRANSPORT NOW from BARC to Sugar Land (Aliana vet at 16655 West Airport).  We thought we had until tomorrow. 

If you are able to foster her, that would be great.  But a foster is not available right now, so we are also asking for boarding help - donations can be sent via PayPal tosaveourstraysftbend@peoplepc.com   Please mark for Tatum

Beth White all the way in CO has donated $75 toward Doxy and dewormer.  Steve Halpert with Friends of BARC is donating the heartworm treatment. 

I have copied Sharon R and Karen C on this email - so please reply if can help / donate so we can track it.


Sharon E