Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kingsport TN: GOOD NEWS! RE: Urgent Buck the Elder JRT/Heeler Needs Rescue. Owner dumped him, was outside his whole life

4/5 Buck has been rescued and to the vet. If I learn which rescue, I will add their contact info here. Thanks to all who crossposted.
4/3 POST
Buck is very loving, and likes other dogs and kids.

Per Virginia 4/3/16, Buck still needs crossposting for rescue. The shelter lists him as 12 years old based on the owner's word.

From: Virginia Roseman vroseman@gmail.com
Date: April 2, 2016
Buck, 12 yr old, male, JRT/Blue Heeler!

This is Buck, a 12 year old, un-neutered male Jack Russell/Blue Heeler mix that was "dumped" by his owner because he is old, and he doesn't want to take care of him anymore.  He told the staff, “Do what you have to do”.

I have better pictures of him that I took outside that I will send, once I get home and upload the photos. I believe this boy can still hear somewhat and has some partial vision (perhaps shadows or figures).  He is very loving, and likes other dogs and kids.  Never tested with cats, but I cannot imagine him not liking cats.

He has been kept outside all his life.  His life is not over, and he still has some years left. Please consider him.

Thank you!

Virginia Roseman
Kingsport Animal Shelter volunteer
Email: vroseman@gmail.com