Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Middle GA area - One AC is shutting down!! - ALL dogs must move ASAP!!

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Subject: Middle GA area - One AC is shutting down!! - ALL dogs must move ASAP!!
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Middle GA area - One AC is shutting down!! - ALL dogs must move ASAP!!

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Middle GA  area - One AC is shutting down
- ALL dogs must move ASAP!!

These kids are ALL on the EUTH list for this week.  We must move them quickly.  If you can take even one, please contact me immediately!!  Do not wait, or we will loose them all.


These kids are all in a local animal control.  There hold times are up and they are in urgent need of rescue.  We are set up to help out of state rescues with the GA pull, there is low cost vetting and low cost boarding available to rescues if they need it.  We can help with some short leg transport. 

If you can save any of these kids, please contact me ASAP, as time is very short.  E-mail:          

Thank you,  
Charli at:

Donations are always needed, and very welcome.  If you wish to put a donation on a dog, please contact me directly and I will gladly add it to the emails.

Handsome sweet Bulldog mix boy.  He has a beautiful face, and very soft and sweet eyes, 1-2 years old.

Shepherd mix, female, adult.  She is very small about 30-35 lbs., petite, looks like a Dingo.

Male Pointer/Lab mix, sweet but shy.  ACO says he is shy of new people, but warms up quickly.

Handsome Shepherd mix kid, young, maybe a year old.   Such a sweet face!

Male Young maybe about 1 yr old Lab /hound mix, Rusty Chocolate color.

Lab mix, male, adult, black with white chest.   He has been in ac for over 2 months.

Black and white, may be Border collie mix, male, young adult.

This girl has had lost of litters in her short life.  She has a history of neglect and abuse by previous owners.  She is smaller (petite) Lab mix, but under my knee.  Dog friendly!  Roughly 1-2 years old.

Black and White, female, mix, 4 months old.