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Houston TX: No response! re: Need home for 9-yr-old Lab/Hound Tootsie - owner moving overseas

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Hello all, I’m resending as my friend has not had any inquiries on cutie pie Tootsie and time is running out.  

Many thanks for considering taking her or sharing the information to try and help find a home for sweet Tootsie… It is very much appreciated..

Kim Winkler
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Subject: Houston, TX: Help - Need home for 9 year old dog - owner moving overseas

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Some of you may see this twice as I sent it to the Caring Critter Yahoo group, apologies if you do.  Just trying to help my friend find a home for her dog.   Many thanks in getting the word out! 
Hello all.  I have a friend who is moving overseas.  She was planning on taking her dog, Tootsie, with her.  Sadly though she has found that she cannot take Tootsie with her after all and she cannot back out :<( 

So she is now looking for a new home for her beloved dog, Tootsie.   Tootsie is a 9 year old female part lab, part hound dog.  She weighs 55 lbs and has lived with cats & dogs previously (in fact the owner had a cat when she first got Tootise) and is great with kids.  It's been 5+ years since she's lived with a cat so (like normal) care should be taken when introducing.   She is a laid back dog, but does have anxiety in new situations, occasionally on leash & around other dogs until she gets comfortable (like many people!).   So taking care with new dogs & doing an appropriate introduction will be very important according to the owner.  Once introduced, she has successfully made friends (best friends!) with many dogs, but some that are aggressive simply may not work with her, and dog parks or other areas where lots of dogs are can be overwhelming for herSo someone who understands this & is able to either work with her to build her confidence &/or doesn't need to enjoy their dog in that way is ideal.  As normal, with a little bit of work, then she should adjust fine.  
She's a love bug, is completely house broken & crate trained. Having her belly rubbed is her FAVORITE thing & she loves to sit in the sun on a nice, cool, sunny day! She loves to be around her people & cuddling with them. She does not get on the furniture at all... unless invited & in that case she will be a snuggle-bug with you if you want!  She's trained in the basics - sit, stay, "on your bed", healing & walking on a leash, sitting when greeting people, etc.
Contact info for my friend is:  281-989-4311. Email:  Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think my be interested.   My friend needs all the help she can get to look for a good home for Tootsie!
Here are some pictures of her – she's a cutie!!