Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Northwest Houston TX: Adopt Floki the Brave One-Year-Old Cat

Floki is named after a star of the Vikings series

Finder/Foster Mom Pasheen Lash wrote the following June 21, 2016 granting permission to blog here:


Floki - precious Floki - is a year old male. We were feeding him for months - he was a stray and constantly injured from fighting. He was soak and wet on so many occasions when he came in for food…somehow he managed to live through the flooding and the fighting and we were finally able to catch him. We took him in for neutering and full vetting…the poor baby also had a UTI which is now completely cleared up. It's been a very rough start for this baby boy, but he now needs a mommy of his own, very soon…he is so unhappy in his cage in the living room - making it impossible for me to bond with him or give him any affection - breaks my heart - and I have two bully males that stress him out…actually, we are all seriously stressed.

So, I've run out of space to give him, but I want the world for this precious boy. He will will need a special patient mommy, someone savvy enough to help him stabilize and rejoice when he finally surrenders to a happy fulfilling life. I can help with lots of advice, having socialized so many, and I feel sure with a little patience and a calm environment that he will be a wonderful and loving baby…he is not feral, just a bit stressed from having to adjust to so many situations and from my cats intimidating him - his accommodations are far from ideal…and he needs love and affection and more real estate… NOW!

Sadly, I can't help him any further, since I have nowhere to give him space and safety - he needs another mommy that isn't already overwhelmed and up to their ears in phycho, unadoptable cats - who also want to kill each other - good grief. So, if anyone can help me with this precious baby, please call me asap, and I can tell you all about him. Luckily, he is not cat aggressive and my boy Buddha sits by his cage to give him some company…especially when he unleashes a plaintive wail to be set free…so…I need help!!!

My phone number is: 832.390.9000

I'm having trouble with my laptop, so if I don't get back in a timely manner, just know that I am struggling to stay online…and with so many other endless, and near impossible challenges…geeez…

Please share for this precious boy…he deserves so much more than I can give him. Thank you all.