Sunday, August 14, 2016

Houston TX: Joe needs Godparents for his Big Beloved Dogs AJ and Dino

Houston TX

August, 10, 2016

Jeannice - jchppl AT wrote:

AJ - black and white - 69 lbs and Dino -brown and white - 91 lbs have been living with Joe all their lives. Joe is homeless and has cancer; he may only have anywhere from weeks to maximum three months left. He recently went to Ben Taub Hospital in Houston TX and said that three months was their prediction. He has had chemo before and declines it now. I have promised him that I would find a home where they both can live out their lives together either when he is no longer able to take care of them or he is no longer with us.  According to the Vet, AJ is perhaps 9 years old and Dino might be 3 years old. They are so sweet, good, well-behaved - better than my own dogs!  Fully vetted/altered, heartworm negative, and current on vaccinations. 
If anyone would consider adopting when needed please contact me.
Or if anyone also has a temporary place for them until a home can be found!