Thursday, September 1, 2016

Houston TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: 8/19 update - Adoptable Tex RE: Rescue group with Foster needed for Tex the 1-yr-old, 60-lb Stray - Very Affectionate!

Tex has an adoptive home in Southwest Colorado as soon as transport can be arranged! Thanks to all who have crossposted for him.
8/19 POST

Pls contact marthe directly at
with questions or for an adoption application
8/19 update: Tex has been accepted into Blue's Angels Rescue. Check him out on the Blue's Angels Rescue Facebook page and apply to adopt or share him with your most wonderful potential adopters in North America. Thank you!

8/6 POST

Gorgeous dog needs the help of a network to
get him into the right home.
He is gentle as can be, especially the gentle mouth.
Contact (

Tex might be a Lab/Pointer (German Shorthaired Pointer) or a Labrador / Border Collie (see Boradors at Dog Breed Info). Good Samaritans found this friendly young stray and took him to the vet to look for microchip (there is none and he is Heartworm negative). Owners don't seem to be looking for him online. If you are a potential adopter, please ask your favorite rescue group to contact (

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From: Gerry Kersey <>
Date: Fri, Aug 5, 2016 at 9:13 AM
Subject: TEX

With this email I wanted to share about Tex, a dog Nick & I found on the side of the road on July 25, 2016. Nick is our 12 year old adopted son from Barc for those that don't know him. Diane said Tex (Texas) because it is known as The Friendly State.

He was vetted at South Gessner Pet Clinic & is thankfully HW Negative. He is approximately 1 Year Old. He weighs 60 pounds & extremely affectionate. The only thing left for him as far as vetting is neutering, a micro chip & possibly a booster shot.

This dog wasn't starved as so many of the strays get. He was clean & with the
exception of a little flea dirt at the base of the tail very clean. How he came to be on the side of the road isn't clear & after looking online for his owner realized they weren't looking for him.

He has shown absolutely no aggression even though he isn't altered. He is extremely curious, almost like he has never sniffed grass on the side of the road or been exposed to cats or other dogs. He also appears to have never had a leash on him, but I am trying to give him 2 or 3 short walks a day to try and acclimate him. His response has been a mix. He will sit when I tell him and takes treats very gently. He has the mindset of a pup much younger than his actual age. Those of you that know me realize that due to physical problems I have with my feet & hands, it can be a little tough to go for longer walks because Nick even though a senior loves to go for walks.

Just what kind of a mix has been narrowed to a Lab & Pointer (German Short Haired) possibly. He wears the stocking of a bird dog & has a predominately a sable coat with a black stripe that runs down his back to his tail which curls up.

I can't really do this dog justice here because I am no longer Superman & able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. He needs a foster that has the patience & physical strength for working with an non socialized pup. That's why I ask for your help in finding a foster for him.

The one that said they were interested fell through so I still have him here. I am determined not to take him to BARC where he wouldn't last very long due to his coloration and the often erroneous identification of mixed breed dogs. If he has Staffordshire/Pitbull in him, it isn't much. After sprinkling water on his back, it beaded up like a Lab or a water dog. There appears to be slight webbing between his toes, but I would leave that determination up to someone better qualified than myself.

BOTTOM LINE: I will not dump him into a shelter. If he has to stay here, So Be It. Unfortunately he is having to live outside but has water & fans to keep him as cool as possible.

I thought the stripe down his back was rare but found a link for another Lab mix with the identical mark: Woody (Even though on Facebook, you don't have to log in to view the photos of Woody.)

Please help network to get this boy into a proper foster home with the experienced rescue groups that can get him adopted. Besides being quite handsome, he is a total lover. His eyes aren't grey as some have suggested. They are brown & possibly the camera changed their appearance.