Tuesday, August 23, 2016

San Antonio TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: No takers! Super sweet and in good health RE: Urgent! Need rescuer and place to go IMMEDIATELY. Big Shaggy Terrier mix was abandoned and discovered by construction company at the property

The contractor who brought pup to the vet's is going to adopt him!!! Pup was neutered last night and will be picked up later today. Thanks to everybody who crossposted for him.
8/22 POST
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On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 11:28 AM, Cheryl Lang <cheryl@nopawsleftbehind.org> wrote:
Bcc list - please cross post.  Dog was abandoned and now being boarded at the vet - $31.00 per night so need to find a home for him ASAP.  Terrier mix and super sweet and now in good health - up to date on all his shots.  Please let me know if you know of anyone who can help!

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8/18 POST 

He was weak and in distress so he was taken to a
local vet where he is doing well but cannot stay.

On Aug 18, 2016 1:35 PM HM wrote:

Please respond to cheryl@nopawsleftbehind.org

Bcc list, please crosspost.  This poor dog was found abandoned in a cage on a porch.  He was weak and in distress so he was taken to a local vet where he is doing well but cannot stay.   Please help if you can.

Begin forwarded message:

Good morning Cheryl,

I heard from the contractor this morning regarding the dog left at this property.  Please see response from rep below:

“The dog was very lethargic and hungry when our crew got to the house. It needed to be taken to the emergency vet and put on fluids and antibiotics overnight. Since they had to keep him overnight, they did also need to do a flea treatment and several vaccines to keep the other animals there protected with his unknown history. He’s a fairly large dog, 51 pounds, and was described as a terrier mix by the vet. They estimate that he’s about a year old based on his teeth. I also attached the rabies certificate, Cheryl may need a copy. The vet bill came out to $614.23. Once they started the IV and he started feeling better, he got pretty scared, but is very friendly.  Let me know what Cheryl is able to figure out for what we need to do with him, he’ll need to be picked up from the vet at some point today. I don’t know yet if there’s a specific time to pick him up before there are more charges but I will let you know.”