Saturday, September 17, 2016

Atlanta GA: Good Update. Donations welcome for now rescued recovering boy RE: Urgent! NO RESPONSE! Stray cat was probably dumped. Has ruptured eye. In pain.

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Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2016 

He was taken to Furkids Rescue ( yesterday and their vet removed the eye. The surgery went well and his infection is much better. The have him on antibiotics and pain meds, and he's resting comfortably. They would definitely be grateful for donations to help pay the vet. You can donate directy to the on their website: Atlanta's Largest No Kill Animal Shelter & Rescue | Dog & Cat Adoption | Furkids   There's a blue Donate button upper right bar. I'm not sure what name they've got him under but you can describe him (in the comment bar for: "If this is for a specific animal or campaign, please list the purpose here") something like this: 
medium haired black kitty ruptured eye, brought in on Wed
9/13 POST

New picture from 9-12-16. He's in pain, won't eat or drink, hanging his head down, trying not to move. Pus coming out. No offers yet. Can anyone help this poor cat?
contact: Laura

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Contact Laura at 678-468-1833

If nobody steps up it is likely he will be taken to be humanely euthanized

This poor kitty has a ruptured eye. He's been living outside at an apartment complex. He is neutered but not ear-tipped, so he may have been left behind when his owners moved, or dumped out at the complex to live amongst the strays. If anyone can help him, please contact: