Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Concord NC: Urgent. Sunshine the Rescued #Himalayan Needs Surgery

Sunshine is a beautiful, 4-year-old, blue-eyed Seal Point Himalayan kitty  
Contact Melba with any questions; you may reach her via the YouCaring or at melbatarlton@yahoo.com (yahoo.com). Sunshine belonged to a senior man whose health changed and required him to move into a nursing home.  The man had Alzheimers and would "forget" to feed and care for her.  How sad!!!  The nursing home were sending her to a kill shelter nearby, but at critical moment a rescue lady swooped in and saved her....Click on the YouCaring to read what happened next:

P.S. Sunshine is a "Foster Fail" ;-) per Melba's message here, but first she needs the Gall Bladder surgery very urgently to relieve her pain and discomfort. Please donate and/or share if you can.
On Mon, Sep 26, 2016 <melbatarlton@yahoo.com> wrote: She’s in a foster home and they have fallen in love with her.  So, she will be adopted by them. I really screened to ensure this is a great home for her. This is a purebred cat who the guy paid a lot of money for. Then he got Alzheimers and couldn’t remember to feed or care for her. Horrible. I’ve been assured she will be well cared for.
Sunshine is such a precious and sweet kitty.  She deserves to be well cared for and live a happy life. If you are able to contribute to Sunshine's medical expenses, she would be so grateful! Any amount is appreciated.