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Houston TX: Sad update re: Don't let Miracle's Journey be in Vain

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Elizabeth Asher was responsible for whatever good came Miracle’s way at the end of her life.  Against all odds, it seemed that Miracle would survive living in the wall of a house for two months in the Houston heat, but tragically, Little Miracle died yesterday.  Elizabeth is waiting on the full report from the vet. 

The vet said that Miracle had been up and walking and was even a bit playful, and it’s a blessing that she was being loved and cared for in those last days of her life.

Elizabeth is heartsick, as you can imagine.  She did all that was possible to save Miracle, and I know she is grateful for those donations made for Miracle’s care.  Trying to save a kitty so medically frail is expensive, and I’m sure there will be a large balance.  At this point, I know that Elizabeth would be grateful not only for donations but for the emotional support of knowing people wanted to help her and Miracle.

Donations may be made to:
Beechnut Vet Hospital
Miracle is under the account of John Kane.

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Subject: Don't let Miracle's journey be in vain (Houston)
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A cat who managed to survive inside a wall for almost two months, in the Houston heat, is truly a miracle. This kitty now has a life-saving feeding tube and is at a great vet. She needs a foster home while she is rehabilitated and gets ready to have her new life, or I am sure if a rescue group would take enroll her, that would be great also. If you know of a foster or a group who might help, please send this on.

I was part of a similar rescue years ago, of another Oreo cat who was severely emaciated, and I can tell you that it is so gratifying to see a cat in this kind of shape heal and become healthy.

Elizabeth would also be grateful for any donations for Miracle. Elizabeth is so generous to so many of our projects. Can you help her with Miracle's journey?

Donations may be made to:

Beechnut Vet Hospital
Miracle is under the account of John Kane.

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Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2016 9:55 AM
Subject: Please share Miracle's story -

Some of you may have seen the email I sent around about a friend/former neighbor with dementia. Her family sold her house and gave us two days notice to help her cats. She had about 7 or 8 outside cats and same number inside.

We thought all of her inside cats had been taken care of, meaning they took all but one to HHS. One ended up at another shelter.

The family that bought her house do not speak English. Using an interpreter, found out a few days ago that they thought a cat was in the wall of the house. How can that be? The family told us they trapped the inside cats (all tame) and took them to HHS. I met volunteer over there with a trap and there was a cat in the wall! We were sick thinking about how long this cat has been there. The house was vacated around July 2nd. The cat was rushed to Beechnut Vet Hosp. Severely dehydrated and liver functions off the charts.

We will need a home to help her rehab, which will include a feeding tube for a while. I did not know her name so gave her the name Miracle. She is black and white, all tests negative, spayed. Maybe 6 to 10 years, not sure at this time. The vet assures me that a feeding tube is not cruel and that it would be cruel not to try and save her.   

While we look for a home for her (please let me know if you can help in that area), any donation toward her vet bill is appreciated. The phone number is 713-774-9731. Name on the acct is John Kane and Miracle.

Elizabeth Asher, Attorney at Law
Executive Director, Rescue Bank


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