Friday, September 2, 2016

Houston TX: The other cats sure didn't decapitate their buddy

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Date: Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 1:12 PM
Subject: The other cats sure didn't decapitate their buddy. (Houston)
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Imagine you're a nice lady stopping to put gas in your car on a hot day in mid-July.  You pull into the station at Hempstead and Gessner, the one that's right by the adult video store. No need to stop in there, for sure!  You're impatient because the gas isn't pumping fast enough, and in the way we all do, you start gazing around while you wait. That's when you see the kitty version of gladiator sports.  The landscape workers filling their gas cans are cheering as a group of starving cats battle for the Fritos and Doritos the workers toss them.
Because you are a nice lady, this makes you sad, and you decide to start feeding the cats there. There are only five cats and four kittens and you think that surely you can find a place for them, at least for the kittens.  Your office is nearby, so feeding them isn't hard, only terribly sad.
The weekend you went to feed them and found that one of the cats had been decapitated, you knew that that kitty gladiator sports weren't the saddest thing you'd ever see.  You asked the people at the video store, and they told you the cats weren't safe there and that they were starving. You'd already figured out the not safe part of that story.
Then, in late August, you lose your job, the one that gave you an office right near the cats.  The one kitten you had fixed has nowhere to go, except back to that horrifying place.  And the others still need help.  And, again, you have no job, no money and no longer are nearby.
You have no computer and only one picture which doesn't even begin to show the horror of the place.  And you hope that somewhere, someone will be able to help, because you're not sure you're up to seeing another decapitated young cat.
The contact is Diane, who approached a Houston cat rescuer, Cindy Deming.  You may call Diane or text her at 713.306.9307 or email her on her phone at . I have also copied Cindy Deming.

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