Wednesday, September 7, 2016

southern CA: URGENT. Mama and Two Kittens Need Temp Foster - Will be Actively Networked for Adoption

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From: Carol Mendolia <>
Date: Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 3:27 PM
Subject: Mama and Two Kittens Need Temp Foster - Will be Actively Networked for Adoption URGENT

CONTACTS:  Carol Mendolia
                       Debbie Johnson

AREA:  Almost anywhere! San Fernado Valley (including Burbank), Simi                      Valley, Moorpark, Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, etc.

A young mother cat (Chloe) and her babies (Emi and Faith) were stranded under an old rundown building in 115 degree heat in Palm Desert.  They barely got food or water.  Someone fed and watered them a few times a week. The workers in the area were harassing the cats and were about to board them up under the building to die.  We had them trapped and we now are in great need of a foster situation.

All of them are tame, but need a little re-socialization and a temporary foster home.  Faith (the single kitty in the attached pic) is tame already and already up for adoption (through an established 501C3).  Emi and her mom, Chloe need a little TLC and understanding and time spent with them to calm their fears and help them back to the tame kitties they were. 

We will provide all necessities (food, litter and medical if needed). All cats are vaccinated, spayed and tested negative FELV/FIV.  We need someone who can give them a ventilated room where they can be re-introduced to connecting with human beings again and has some time to spend with them. ALL OF THEM WILL BE ACTIVELY NETWORKED FOR ADOPTION.  One already is.

We are not intending to dump the cats on anyone, WE LOVE THEM, we will be actively involved with finding them homes and anything the foster needs from us.  THEY JUST NEED A FOSTER!!  WE ARE HANDS-ON.

We are willing to drive almost anywhere to deliver them and pick them up for adoption meet and greets/home visits.  

Please contact me via this email, or contact Debbie Johnson (