Sunday, October 2, 2016

White people discriminating against black dogs and cats is racist

In my opinion, perpetuating the notion that black pets are less desirable is highly irresponsible. Do you think black people say white pets are less desirable? I am surprised this myth about black pets being left behind more than others is still a thing. It is an understatement but lots of pets get left behind. Black is a dominant gene. More black pets are born, therefore more get turned into shelters, more get adopted, and more get left behind but it was not a prejudice thing to start with. Just a function of genetics and mathematics. However, the more that shelters, rescuers, bloggers and other media perpetuate the prejudice, even with "good" intentions (although perpetuating color bias cannot be a good thing IMHO), the myth catches on. For a complete explanation, see Dr. Emily Weiss' "Black Is The New White" and the associated links for more data. We must work very hard to showcase each and every pet of any color variety so that they are seen and chosen by the perfect forever guardians. We do not need to keep the myth going and feel sorry for black pets. It is likely that the public in general (largely a mix ourselves), but especially those who are predominantly African American, have no problem with predominantly black-furred pets.