Monday, December 5, 2016

southern CA and USA: Progress RE: Please donate and/or share this plea for #Vietnam #Veteran Pete and his Dogs. Thank you.

12/5/16: Please donate and/or share if you can. The Basic Needs Foundation made an offer on a trailer yesterday and it was accepted by the seller. About $5,800 is needed to purchase it. Please see Ha's 12/5 update on the YouCaring. Thank you!
11/29 POST

Please see message from Ha. It's great of Ha to spearhead this effort! Pete lives in San Bernardino County, near the border with Los Angeles County.

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From: ha adolfo <>
Date: Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 6:28 AM
Subject: Please circulate this plea for veteran Pete and his dogs. Thank you.

Please give at least $1 to help this elderly, disabled Vietnam veteran to secure a warm, livable camping trailer with his dogs:

A beaten down single wide make shift trailer has no gas, no electricity, no running water, and the roof and floor have full of holes that cannot be fixed, BUT it's a current "home" for a veteran!

The 71-year-old disabled Vietnam veteran Pete May lives in Pinion Hills, California, off-grid. He is the pack leader to his dogs. The dogs are his family, his only family. Today, IT'S RAIN, WET, COLD and the only thing he can keep warm is the sleeping bag (we bought & delivered to him on 11/26/16).

Basic Needs Foundation wants to buy him a converted solar camping trailer that he can live in warm, comfort for the remaining of his life. This living camping trailer will give him heat for winter, cooking, taking a warm shower for the first time, indoor toilet, etc.

Ha Adolfo

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