Monday, January 9, 2017

Bayshore NY GOOD NEWS! ADOPTED! RE: 12/19 STILL IN NEED! RE: (Long Island): Adopt Bonded Dynamic Duo Domino and Mr. Nubs!!!

Per their Facebook page (link below) the pair is OFFICIALLY HOME as of 1/8/17! Thanks to all who crossposted.
12/19 POST
The pair now has a Facebook page:

The pair now has a Facebook page:

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Subject: Bayshore, Long Island **Bonded Dynamic Duo* Domino and Mr. Nubs** NUST SEE PHOTOS
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Bayshore, Long Island
Domino and Mr. Nubs ( Healthy & Only 4 Years Young)
Please share with friends, family and colleagues…one NEVER KNOWS who will be ready to bring more love into their HOME…for the Holidays…TWO MAGNIFICENT YOUNG BOYS!!!!!!!
...12/5/16 UPDATE - Still not one inquiry for these two boys. PLEASE help us find them a forever home together by SHARING AGAIN! Thank you.
- - - BAYSHORE, NY - Sweet brothers who are very bonded are looking for a new home together. Domino (Tuxedo) and Mr. Nubs (Orange Tabby, with partial tail) are in a foster home now but would really love their own forever family to spend the holidays with. They are four years old, neutered, tested negative and are now UTD on all vaccinations. (They both got a clean bill of health at their vet visit today 11/20.) Each crave and love attention, are very playful and have a silly side to them too. They are fine with other cats (although it takes Mr. Nubs a little longer than his brother to warm up to them) and have recently been introduced to dogs, though have never lived with one. If you are interested in adding these boys to your family.
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