Saturday, December 3, 2016

Long Island NY: Urgent! 2 Bonded Dogs and 2 Cats from Same Home. Boarding ends 12/5. Owner Is Sick.

A Shelter Would be Unimaginable for these Beloved Pets.

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Date: Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 3:14 PM
Subject: Long Island, NY * Two Dogs, Two Cats...Owner Is Ill and MUST REHOME...A Shelter Would be Unimaginable for these Beloved Pets...
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These animals are in TROUBLE!
If you can foster or adopt ONE????
Please share with family, friends and coworkers ASAP!!!!!!!
Ruby Dog, Ziva Dog, Karma Kitty and Ginger Kitty

Long Island, NY
Dec 2, 2016
This beloved Fur Family consisting of 2 dogs and 2 cats can no longer live with their Mom…she has been ill since October…they have been in boarding but can no longer stay there…MONDAY Dec 5 is their last day there… We'd we grateful for  a Foster or of course a blessed Home…
The dogs are bonded but if it means separating them…it would be better than a SHELTER where they would surely perish…and be looked over…
The two cats are seniors….Sweet and Very friendly felines…A Filled to the Brim Shelter would be their demise…all shelters are FULL right now…they are euthanizing so many of these poor creatures…
Melissa Marx
Ruby- approximately 9 year old rescue puggle. Spayed and vaccinated. I am unsure how she got the scar. She is allergic to chicken (gets really itchy and can get reoccurring ear infections) is afraid of thunder and fireworks, she gets so worked up she shakes uncontrollably and hyperventilates. When I first adopted her almost 5 yrs. ago she had terrible separation anxiety and wouldn't allow me to leave her sight without crying. This has gotten A LOT better. She does not care about cats, is very tolerant of children, she is good with dogs, the only ones she has ever had an issue with are golden retrievers, so that leads me to believe she got the scar from a golden or golden mix.

Ziva- 4 yr. old spayed vaccinated mixed breed. NSAL told me she was a German Shepherd and Rottweiler mix but I do not see either. She has the prey drive, and hoards her toys much like a border collie, she enjoys being outside and running circles in the yard. Children of any size. She seems to be timid with men. I am not sure at what age or size this becomes an issue. Possibly because she never really had interaction with them. She is shy but a complete sweetheart once she opens up. I don't think it would take long for her to get acclimated and love everyone in a house. She is good with cats 95% of the time the other 5% she chases them and will pin them down to clean their ears.

Karma- a rescue DSH Female, spayed Black cat. She is around 14 years old I have had her for 12 1/2 years. She doesn't mind other cats, quiet older children, and dogs that let her be. She is polydactyl and one of her dewclaws should be checked regularly because it has a habit of growing right towards the pad. (6 in front 5 in back)

Ginger- born 3/6/03 she is my first cat and I have had her since she was 8 weeks old. Her personality matches her given name which is "Precious Ginger" She can be sweet and cuddly, but also a bitter little brat! I'm being honest. She doesn't bite… she will be vocal about what she wants, if you don't listen then she will swat. She does cuddle with people she doesn't know, she is a favorite of some, but others avoid her. It all depends on the moment…. like a typical cat. Being in a cage does not help this situation. When it comes to dogs and cats, she simply does not care as long as she is the alpha in any role. Children are tolerated in small quantities. She also has 6 toes on each front paw.