Thursday, January 12, 2017

Carthage IL: Updated 1/23 RE: URGENT! Hancock County Pound New URGENTS need rescue!!!

1/23 Please see Anissa's update message at:
Two still need rescue but the others have rescue.
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Carthage, IL 1/12/17: Once again we are in desperate need of rescue help to get all these wonderful homeless dogs placed so they are not euthanized. If you can help sponsor or rescue, please contact Although our pound has heat, it doesn't get above 50 degrees on a nice warm winter day, now temps are in the 40's in there.  Please help us save these dogs!!  Thank you,  Anissa
Dottie, Female, possibly Border Collie mix medium size. A little shy but friendly. Medium size. 2 yrs. old maybe.
Magpie is a darling foxhound/beagle mix, 35ish lbs, 3ish years old, very social and sweet!  She is a polite gentle girl who is great with other dogs!  She was dumped at the pound last week the night of the freezing storm that came through L
Mary and Molly are so older girls whose owner was arrested and the girls can be released to rescue or be pts.  Please help me save these cuties!  They are very nice girls, terrier mixes, only about 25lbs, good with other dogs and although they look neglected, they are very much sweethearts! 
Clyde is a male boxer mix who was dumped at the pound.  He is a young guy, under a 1-1.5 old, super social and outgoing, very sweet guy who is great with other dogs.  Can't believe someone would dump him!!!!
Moe is a terrific older male border collie lab mix.  He is very sweet and polite, great with other dogs.  He was found stray, he is in horrible shape, skinny and skin issues.
Griffin is a male lab/bloodhound mix, 1 year old, super sweet and great with other dogs!  He is neutered but his family "didn't have time for him" and kept him crated and chained up most of the time.