Thursday, April 13, 2017

Carthage IL: $$$ requested. Only one puppy alive now re: Emergency! WHCR Critically ill puppies! We Need Help Please

Update: Only one puppy is alive now. Anissa the rescuer has taken Mom and the surviving puppy home from the vet clinic. Funds still needed. There are van repairs also needed. Please see the Youcaring. Thank you.
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Carthage, IL: WHCR-EMERGENCY!!!!  Update…as of 4:00 yesterday afternoon, another puppy has died.  The remaining 3 puppies and their mom are hospitalized at the Keokuk Vet Clinic, 319-524-4348 (8:00-5:00.)
We have set up a youcaring page as well.   
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I was sitting in class yesterday when I got a desperate call from my ACO that these puppies were dying and he needed help to try to save them.  When he took the surrender for the 4 remaining puppies (6 have died) and mom, the owner said they started dying over the weekend, "the mom didn't have enough milk for them," and she couldn't afford to take them to the vet, so she surrendered them to our county animal control.  I had our aco take them to a local vet clinic, trying to do what I could from class.  When I spoke to the veterinarian, he believed they have a severe case of hookworms and without treatment, all will certainly die by this afternoon without care.  He did a parvo test which was negative, fecals which was positive for hookworms, gave them all injectable dewormer, subq fluids and began feeding them A/D. They are all hospitalized and we are anxiously awaiting to hear this morning if any survived the night.  We have been slammed with vetting expenses that have piled up and to top it off, our transport van is now out of commission until we can get the much needed repairs done.  We have combined our expenses into one fundraising youcaring page in hopes we can get some much needed help right now.
This is about the end of the ropes for us, our pound is full up again, we are out of vaccines and other supplies and I don't know how we aren't going to be able to continue without help.  We would be extremely grateful for any prayers for these little ones and no amount is too small.  Sincerely, thank you!!