Sunday, May 7, 2017

Grass Valley CA: Adopt Sammie's Friends' Lonely Hearts animals - Dogs, Cats, Horses, Pigs

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Date: May 5, 2017 4:25 PM
Subject: Update on our Lonely Hearts animals -- would you mind forward this on to friends & posting on social media?

Please take a moment to send this on to at least a few people.  And ask them to forward on & post on social media.  You never know, with all the forwarding, sharing & posting, some of these dogs & cats might just get a home soon!  (Some of you who are getting this are out of the area -- as always pls send back to contacts in California.  Thx!)
Thank you!

Our Lonely Hearts animals need your help! Get to know any one of these animals and you'll understand why we can't believe that they are still here. P
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Our Lonely Hearts animals need your help!

Get to know any one of these animals and you'll understand why we can't believe that they are still here. Please give them a chance.
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NERO -287 days in the shelter

Do you have the heart to give a special dog a home? Meet Nero the Shar Pei/Mastiff mix. He came to the shelter over 8 months ago because his owner's other dog was being aggressive toward him. Since then, Nero has turned into a Sammie's Friends FAVORITE! In fact, he hangs out in the office everyday with the staff because we love him so much. VIEW MORE...
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ROWLEY -185 days in the shelter

Check out handsome Rowley! We recently discovered that Rowley is deaf. He will need a special family who understands his needs and is willing to spend quality time with him. Rowley is very smart and eager to learn. He likes people and enjoys other dogs. VIEW MORE...
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THEOS -121 days in the shelter

A zest for life definitely describes Theos! He is a sweet boy and is good with other dogs. He loves to go on walks, loves swimming, riding in cars, LOVES to cuddle and is friendly with new people. VIEW MORE...
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REBEL -104 days in the shelter

Rebel is such a lover! He likes meeting new people and readily gives out kisses. He enjoys hanging out with other dogs, has a playful sense of humor and is easy to please. VIEW MORE...
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ADELE -68 days in the shelter

This girl has won our heart! Adele is very well behaved and loves spending time with everyone, including other dogs. She enjoys hanging out in the office at the shelter. She is sweet, gentle, and quiet. VIEW MORE...

MUFFIN -286 days in the shelter

This girl has a purr that will melt your heart. She is beautiful, friendly and loves head rubs. Her purrfect home would be quiet and without small children. VIEW MORE...

SNOOKER -278 days in the shelter

Charming, affectionate and loves to snuggle with people, cats AND dogs! He is shy at the shelter, but quickly opens up in a quiet, loving home. He would be perfect for any family. VIEW MORE...

YODA -204 days in the shelter

If you have a fondness for older cats, then Yoda is the one for you. This sweet senior boy likes people and has lived with dogs. VIEW MORE...
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