Thursday, May 11, 2017

Long Beach CA: GOOD NEWS! RE: 4 Pound-Bound Kittens Need Rescue

Lacey reports they found rescue 5/11. Thanks to all who crossposted for them. If I learn which rescue and am granted permission, I will add their contact info here.
5/11 POST
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Please network this email far and wide. 

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Subject: Pound bound kittens in Long Beach

4, 4 week old kittens are pound bound in Long Beach. 
Kittens were found with Feral Momma, who is being TNR. The lady who found them all cannot keep, so she is taking them to the pound. 

No rescue is associated with these little ones yet, so if one could step up, and a foster as well that would be incredible! 

They are eating on their own. 

If you can take these guys please contact Lacey, I will put you in touch with the lady who has them.