Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mebane NC: PROMISING NEWS! RE: Urgent!!! Two Lovely Bonded Purebred #Ragdoll #Cats being Given Up

On Sat, May 20, 2017 at 7:24 PM, Melba Tarlton wrote:
I have finalized the placement of Hiro and Sapphire together!! They are being delivered to their new home May 30th. 
5/9 POST 

Both Hiro the boy and Sapphire the girl are 10 years old and experienced with well-behaved dogs, other cats, and children. They have been well taken care of. There is a deadline of end-May to place them in a new home. Melba Tarlton (M&M Feline Rescue) is the rescue contact in Charlotte (2 hours away) trying urgently to locate a loving, peaceful home for them. Please contact her at MelbaTarlton@Yahoo.com to apply. Qualified adopters in other states can be considered.

Here is a brief summary Melba wrote a couple of weeks ago for them:
Subject: Hiro & Sapphire, Gorgeous 10 year old Ragdolls need home together
Hiro is a handsome male red bi-color Flame Point.  Sapphire a gorgeous Mitted Blue Lynx female.  Both kitties are purebred and are TICA registered. They are not siblings but love each other very much and have always been together. They are 10 years old and in great health.  They have been well cared for.  It is with much sadness the family has decided its in their best interest to go to a new home. The lady of the home is disabled, and her husband is moving the family next month to a home where pets are not allowed. Their college age daughter will no longer be at home and able to take care of the kitties.  They are both very sweet and loving.  Kitties are both altered, and current on vaccines.  Vet paperwork and TICA registration paperwork provided. Contact:  melbatarlton@yahoo.com

Please see further description of each of them on their RescueMe.org pages:

Hiro Rescue Me ID #17-04-27-00149:  http://www.RescueMe.org/id?17-04-27-00149
Sapphire Rescue Me ID #17-04-27-00151:  http://www.RescueMe.org/id?17-04-27-00151

You can see the same info at Petfinder for them:

Sapphire: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/37900269
Hiro: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/37900255

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