Saturday, July 1, 2017

#NC: GOOD NEWS! RE: Young Visually-impaired #GSD Female Picked up as Stray needs #Rescue

It is confirmed by Southeast German Shepherd Rescue of Mooresville NC that Deedles, now renamed Myka, has been rescued by them 6/30/17! Yay! Thanks to all who helped Myka!

Here is the reply from SGSR:
Yes, we did! She is so sweet and settling in nicely. Her new name is Life, new name. She had a bath yesterday, and she will have another today because she was extra dirty. We are going to bring her to our vet to see if we can determine the cause of her vision impairment, and we also need to put some weight on her.
Updates for Myka will be at the SGSR Phoenix Dog Program page on Facebook
There is also a Phoenix Dog Amazon Wish List which contains items the rescue would love to have to help with rehabilitating and care of their special needs GSDs.
To Donate there is a donate button on their Facebook page or go to
6/30/17 POST

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Here are a few of the guys for which I am seeking rescue placement.
Deedles—Deedles is a female GSD, 1 ½ yrs old, and is blind. She weights 42lbs and is heartworm negative. She came to us as a stray on 6/23.

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