Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Douglasville #GA: Very urgent. 3 #RussianBlue babies need rescue!

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Date: Jul 25, 2017 4:39 PM
Subject: Douglasville, GA - 3 Russian Blue babies need rescue!
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Phyllis from Douglasville needs help with 3 adorable little gray babies who were born under her crawlspace the first week of June. She had them listed on craigslist, and a family came by wanting them. Luckily, her instincts told her not to give them to them at this time, because she says they don't look like like they are really able to even care for themselves, let alone pets. They are supposed to contact her soon regarding the kittens and she is struggling with what to tell them. Meanwhile, they now know where she lives and she's afraid they might come by when she's not at home and just take them. Phyllis has a dirt floor basement, and is considering crating them down there just to prevent this from happening, because she has an uneasy feeling. Obviously, this is not ideal either, but it is understandable why she might have to resort to that.

Phyllis does not have access to the internet, and does not text. She says she's a 'dinosaur' when it comes to technology. Her son took this picture on his phone, and she would have to wait until he visits again before she could get another picture. So even though this is not a great image, hopefully, it is good enough to give an idea of what they look like. She is asking earnestly for help placing these cuties.

home phone: 770-942-0977
cell phone: 470-819-1266