Tuesday, July 18, 2017

#Houston #TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: #Heeler 2die unless rescued! RE: SUPER URGENT BARC Injured stray A1495575 high HW+ needs out ASAP

Thanks to all who networked for A1495575. Rescued Pets Movement put a hold on him. If you would like to donate to RPM or foster for them (fosters sorely needed!), please go to their website and get to work.
On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 9:12 AM, BARC Aid <BARC.Aid@houstontx.gov> wrote:
Yes RPM has a hold
7/17 POST

15 minutes ago BARC Aid sent these great photos. But poor young guy will be killed tomorrow unless rescued or fostered . Please read what the foster coordinator Taylor Klein wrote and network/rescue/foster immediately if you can! Her original notice from July 12th with instructions is herebelow.
On Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 2:48 PM, BARC Aid <BARC.Aid@houstontx.gov> wrote:
Sweet dog with possible burns on face is scheduled to be PTS Tuesday 07-18-17.  Needs a confirmed hold before 12pm 07-18-17 and needs to be picked up before 530pm same day.
Appears to be house trained and likes affection.

7/17 Update. BARC Aid replied "Not yet" to my inquiry whether anyone has stepped up for him. Please do what you can to save A1495575 or help the orphan pet population with whatever capacity you have. Thanks to all who labor for the pets in need.
On Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 7:29 AM, BARC Aid <BARC.Aid@houstontx.gov> wrote:
Not yet
7/16/17 POST
I received a reply from Texas Cattle Dog Rescue based in Fort Worth TX that they are aware of this dog, but aren't able to rescue right now because they don't have any available fosters. They have not assessed this specific dog yet, but if you or someone you know is interested in fostering a Heeler in need, please see info about fostering for TCDR (must be in TX or immediately surrounding states): https://www.texascattledogrescue.com/foster.html
7/16 POST 
On Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 7:48 AM, BARC Aid <BARC.Aid@houstontx.gov> wrote:
Nothing yet.

I guess the date this photo was taken was around July 10th-12th. Hopefully he is looking much better today. Please hurry to rescue him.

Please see Taylor Klein's email below for instructions on how to save A1495575. Here is his record in Petharbor: http://petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=HSTN.A1495575. This young guy's available date was 7/14/17. He needs to be rescued or fostered ASAP or it's curtains. I happened to notice a healthy-looking heeler looking similar to this one but in the Harris County (high-kill) shelter in Houston and he was lucky enough to be impounded on the 13th and got out fast to foster care yesterday the 15th! May it happen for A1495575 as well.

FYI there is a blogger at http://redblueandqueenslandheeler.blogspot.com/ who wrote in 2009:
Now that you know that Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, Queensland Heelers, Halls Heelers and Australian Cattle Dogs are all the same dog, you can watch these movies which have featured a heeler. "Last of the Dogmen", "The Road Warrior", "Secret Window" and more recently "The Incredible Hulk".
For more information about this animal, call:
BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions at (713) 229-7300
Ask for information about animal ID number A1495575

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Date: Jul 12, 2017 8:23 AM
Subject: URGENT - A1495575 - hw high - aust cattle mix - needs out ASAP

A1495575: areas of alopecia/hair thinning/errythemic/open wounds on face (burn/abrasions/bites)

  • ALL hold requests are to be sent via email only (none will be accepted via phone) with the following required information:
EMAIL SUBJECT:       HOLD for (insert animal id number)
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Animal ID #: ___________________

Name of Rescue Group/Foster: _________________________

Name of designated person for pickup: ___________________________

Contact Phone Number for person placing hold: ____________________

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  • The hold will be placed for 24 hours and a confirmation email will be sent back to the requestor via email.
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Taylor Klein, Foster Coordinator
City of Houston, Administration & Regulatory Affairs
BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions
3200 Carr Street, Houston, Texas 77026
Direct:  832-395-9210